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Everything posted by methamphetamyne

  1. Film place downtown is closed for now so here are some I dug up from my files. Think I was drunk on the last one.
  2. Working, again, after being furloughed for two weeks. Currently on break.
  3. Awesome work all around, what a treat to catch up. I took a trip to Portland after my last post in this thread, around September. I'll get to developing some film soon if my regular place is still doing business during these times.
  4. Dope. Looking forward to seeing those! On a side note, I had forgotten I posted some of my negatives on here last year haha. Have shot more since then and I'll be posting the decent looking in the next couple of days.
  5. At work. Couple more hours before I can go home and chill.
  6. True, for the most part. Not keen on putting my business out there. TPBM is going through setbacks due to the storm on the east coast.
  7. True. Was buying bread from a panaderia when it happened. TPBM is having a great day.
  8. At work waiting to get out in half an hour. Also dreading getting out of work because I said I was going to hang out with some girl. I just want to sleep.
  9. Thinking of what to do for my birthday. Supervisor signed off on the days I requested. I was maybe thinking SF with my brothers, maybe.
  10. In the lab listening to my supervisor talk about movies he wants to watch. I’m just trying to leave
  11. Ate some cereal. About to go back to sleep.
  12. This was somewhere north of Santa Cruz. Shot by a friend with a Nikon L35AF. and any other ones I've posted/will post have been shot by me with an FM10.
  13. Done with work for today. Just milking it 20 more minutes to clock out.
  14. Thanks, man. And nah, I take them to a local camera shop downtown and they process them right there for cheap. I don’t think I’d have the time to do it myself. But yeah, do whatever feels right and post the negatives here!
  15. Tested a B&W roll a couple weeks ago. The colored negatives are from the same roll; the one with the IPA was at SF zoo a week and a half ago.
  16. Most of the time when I’m not working at work, I’m usually here now in the lab.
  17. Exploring the oontz and being more active on other threads.
  18. I've got a question. Is this thread strictly digital or can one post negatives, too? I've been shooting mainly on analog lately.
  19. Dear favorite coworker who left, Please come back. I used to look forward coming to work knowing I'd see you but now that you left work has been so depressing. I've been training your replacement and she's pretty good at the job but she isn't you. Sadmeth
  20. At work. Thinking about taking some time off for my birthday next month and go to Portland for a weekend or something.
  21. Day off. Got drunk with homies and now I’m sleepy this early.
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