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  1. Cool_Hand

    Vantagepoint Berlin

    jajaja - you should post all those on .......... as this place is a ghost town.
  2. Cool_Hand

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    drinking red. watching movie.
  3. Costco was selling the Pelican coolers recently. Which is funny because I had to look pretty hard to find a store that sold them when I was looking.
  4. Cool_Hand

    Where shall the pheonix fly?

  5. No. I do not wish to continue.
  6. Cool_Hand

    and again, pictures of cars..

    I dont care how fast the corvette is. Never will I have one of those in my garage.
  7. Cool_Hand

    last thing you ate?

    two bacon and eggers with a large orange juice.
  8. Cool_Hand


  9. Cool_Hand

    GAME: True or False

    true/false ... just looked at FB to confirm nationality, def canadian japanese i think.... TPBM has bet on a horse and won.
  10. Cool_Hand

    GAME: True or False

    False. It's an Alaskan King Crab kind of summer. TPBM is really not that excited about any one thing in particular.
  11. Cool_Hand

    Old Forum?

    Login? Umm, you're already logged in, so this must be a mistake. If you're having trouble getting to the forum, just log-out and log back in, your problems should be solved. Go to your Account Dashboard or the forum instead? I will never have to read these lies again. Hopefully.
  12. Cool_Hand

    That one time.......

    TOT I never smoked pcp also. TOT I managed to roll a bowling ball so fast/hard that it went into the gutter, flew into the next lane and got a strike. i fucking hate bowling.
  13. Cool_Hand


  14. My dog caught a grouse and brought it back to camp, alive and in her mouth this last weekend. I cut it's head off with an axe and it flapped around and I thought of KIR. ...bunch of womenz were screaming so I didn't gut it and pluck it, however now I feel like a pussy that I didn't. CSB