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  1. jajaja - you should post all those on .......... as this place is a ghost town.
  2. Costco was selling the Pelican coolers recently. Which is funny because I had to look pretty hard to find a store that sold them when I was looking.
  3. I dont care how fast the corvette is. Never will I have one of those in my garage.
  4. two bacon and eggers with a large orange juice.
  5. true/false ... just looked at FB to confirm nationality, def canadian japanese i think.... TPBM has bet on a horse and won.
  6. False. It's an Alaskan King Crab kind of summer. TPBM is really not that excited about any one thing in particular.
  7. Login? Umm, you're already logged in, so this must be a mistake. If you're having trouble getting to the forum, just log-out and log back in, your problems should be solved. Go to your Account Dashboard or the forum instead? I will never have to read these lies again. Hopefully.
  8. TOT I never smoked pcp also. TOT I managed to roll a bowling ball so fast/hard that it went into the gutter, flew into the next lane and got a strike. i fucking hate bowling.
  9. My dog caught a grouse and brought it back to camp, alive and in her mouth this last weekend. I cut it's head off with an axe and it flapped around and I thought of KIR. ...bunch of womenz were screaming so I didn't gut it and pluck it, however now I feel like a pussy that I didn't. CSB
  10. is there a program or site i could use with mac to get in on this horseshittery
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