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  1. She looks like the kind of lesbian whom ride sportsters and wear doc martens. Pass.
  2. Persons active in thread. DENO.
  3. The alliteration ninja of 12 oz? Still with spelling error's, however you must be so busy running a fortune 500 company, or sailing to Catalina to care. Or maybe photoshopping arrow's onto an R8 so you can email them to Marc Echo for another 250k job offer to decline....... one lub.
  4. im going to watch it. I have always liked Nye...it should be interesting to see the defiance of the self righteous christian types. Nye will probably be pissing in the wind for the good it will do the christian types.
  5. thread should read "confessions of a faggot"
  6. OP, in your first post you make some statements: "I did enjoy moments with my father, he was bipolar in my opinion,..." Bi-polar disorder is hereditary. So you know the story of the old falling apple... "I believe I am a true badass, and I don't take disrespect...." How would you go about earning "respect" on Ch.0, you have been seemingly taking a lot of disrespect. Bi-polar maybe. "I love each day... I am in a fast paced career, kids go nuts, but i eat it all up. I got through undergrad living on couches, stealing pizza for food just to survive, walking everywhere because it was my only option, and mind you I WAS THE KING of a major university." Two things; this is the opposite way of how "Jesus" was said to act. According to the bible Jesus was completely selfless and effortlessly humble. Also Elvis was the king. A later post from you states: "I attempt to be Christ like" Jesus wasn't this inconsistent, or maybe you and him are both fags and share that as common ground.
  7. DENO - Prove some of this shit. Post pics....otherwise I am going to assume that this is UGONPAY2LEARN
  8. Why didn't you just have the screen name Castles? Then you could have posted a bunch of Gifs, and received teh propz. Said props would have given you enough internet cred to write a sweet story bro about being a emotions ninja. get some sleep, it fixes manic episodes.
  9. She is in it: and for those two reasons ill watch.
  10. false, my parents never travelled. tpbm ordered a mushroom burger once, thinking it was going to be a regular burger with mushrooms. They felt deceived when it turned out to be a patty in a huge portobello mushroom cap.
  11. who says one love these days?
  12. I was thinking that it was DD when I was reading it...no mention of the Simpsons however.
  13. I read the whole thing. I can relate to some of your early experiences, almost like I wrote them myself. However I would recommend if you do bury a bunch of money, tell people in the first sentence. They will then read the rest of the wall of text. Im interested to see where this is going.
  14. I always thought smiley cyrus looked like that famous dyke ellen degeneres
  15. Boats what do you think about this? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/01/24/smith-wesson-to-stop-selling-some-pistols-in-california-due-to-gun-law/
  16. saw add today. ignored it(them) like usual. did not make thread about it.
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