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  1. Yep.. saw the contest. I'm still kicking around.
  2. Are you still doing tweaks and or bug fixes? Pretty solid on my phone, good work, but have come across a couple things.
  3. Burp.. I've been in and out of here the whole time, thought i'd say hello.. Would tend to agree with Raven in the fact that sentiment is tipping back to communities like this. I've been working in digital since 06 up here in the north, a lot of years at equivalents of Comcast/Conde Nast - Dev/UI/UX/IA/Strategy "Social" in general is played out, run it's course, and the in it for a minute zombies are starting to wake up, look for something deeper, more meaningful. Hopefully a good user experience, performance, here, will help draw some people back. Looking forward to it. K.
  4. Raises hand. Pretty sure 2001, and this is my second account.
  5. I have my settings set for "text only". You've also assumed i'm surfing on a computer. I should also add that "monitor larger than 1900" is limiting on a number of levels, and clarify my thinking on this. - My TV is 1920px, I surf on it quite a bit. - People change their default system font size quite often. 12px is actually too small reading on my phone. - I surf on, and many people surf on, Game consoles - sitting 10 feet away. Ever tried to read 12px from 10ft away? Pixels are an older unit of measure we used to try to accommodate every and all browser, and to force a box around a design to make it look exactly the same everywhere. This is old thinking and unfortunately by sticking with pixels for the new design the site is handicapped from the got go, already outdated and not very future proofed. It is quite safe to use EM and REM as new units and could even use VH, VM, vmin, vmax (with fallback) and CALC. By building a responsive website, which this website is kind of, you're trying to appeal to the greatest number of browsers possible, the greatest number of variables within those browsers as possible, the greatest number of user settings as possible on the largest number of devices as possible. You can't do that with pixels. Pixels aren't flexible enough to do that. A web browser is inherently flexible, we're the ones that break it by putting boxes around everything and using pixels to try and control it.
  6. Nice, I was hoping there was a thread started for this.. Gotta say first that this type of redesign/rebuild is no easy task and a fuck load of work for a site this large, kudos to the team for getting it up and going. i'll just reiterate the above, the site is clunky. I've noticed a few things: - random links don't work, seemingly random anyway. - some thumbnail images in the little features around the site sometimes come in at 3 or 4 megabytes, sometimes multiples on a page - can't have a 10meg site on my phone (http://whatdoesmysitecost.com/test/150407_8W_476). - can't get to the author bio pages on the blog/news on my phone - fancy hover on desktop conflicts with touch events on phone. - default font size is still 12px, but I routinely check the site on a monitor bigger than 1900px - increasing the font size doesn't increase width of site (it could) making the site break in spots and awkward to use because it's so skinny. All css units are still in pixels making things difficult. - I routine surf the net in firefox developer browser - 12oz shows up as simply a blank white screen in this browser. - too much trying to be too fancy with all the animations, tooltips, hover interactions, modal windows, sticky headers. Shit man... There's just too much code plain and simple. The browser needs to do too much work, uses up too much memory and too much cpu. - come across a couple pages where the layout was broken - dropdown menus open when you hover over / don't retract on hover out - really annoying to have to click the page to close once open. - a slew of things with galleries and carousels across different devices - tuning off JS visually hides the content, that's a fundamental issue - sticky menus on a phone take up WAY too much screen real estate making the site super annoying, and too hard, to surf around and digest the content. re-thinking the UX on that one could do for an upgrade. - some really funky things going on with modals on my phone. Building my own user styles to override some of the site styles to make some visual/usability things better for me. Hopefully you guys are working on bug fixes and cleanu up and plan to roll some out soon.
  7. not sure what your definition of new is but that piece is October 2012 - not even 4 months old.
  8. shake and stray on the dope concept tip...
  9. good wall... from last summer. whole wall... big version! kwest skam kane.. sketch by stray rtr. bacon tiws rons wax by artchild and enue from 2 years back.... check this guys flickr for larger versions and more flicks.
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