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  1. The wife and I have been slowly building up a decent supply of food, first aid, and other items we feel we’ll need in the event shit gets real. Right now we’re looking at generators, but I almost feel like we’d want one for the house and a second for the road. I’ve taken some of the classes from Mike Glovers business, Fieldcraft Survival. Both were first aid focused and both were exceptional. Would definitely recommend if the opportunity arises.
  2. Cancer is a real motherfucker and I'm sure we all have some story that can relate. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about 6 years ago now. She went through the gambit of chemo, radiation, and surgeries with all the common side effects (hair loss, sickness, etc.). While at the time, post-treatment, she received a clean bill of health just last year it was back and classified as meta-static stage 4 and had presented itself as a spot on the liver, lungs, and spine. She initially did not want to go with the traditional therapies of chemo and radiation again and started persuing other routes. We flew her down to San Diego to visit the Gerson facility in/around Tijuana which taught her about juicing, vegan dieting, and an overall more holistic approach to treatment. While this method seemed to have some benefit in her tumor markers the actual CT and PET scans didn't reveal any changes so hope was fading with relative quickness. We then started going back to having consultations with other providers looking for alternatives. In the meanwhile, she had a surgery to remove an ovary which revealed a large unknown tumor and ultimate had both removed on the same day. After doing more research she found a place in Arizona, where we live, called Envita. Envita's claim to fame is that they do extensive testing using a biopsy and bloodwrok specific to the patient and extensively test all known cancer killing agents. This testing includes a range of holistic approaches like Vitamin C, traditional chemo is smaller doses for the speific cancer, and a very wide variety of what they call "off-label" chemos that would typically treat other cancer types. This testing is something that a normal oncology office would NOT do and revealed that there were some very effective options in lower doses that would never have been prescribed by other oncologists. So after paying $6K for this testing we had a relatively good "roadmap" of the treatment she wanted to persue, but Envita was not covered by our insurance. I've been very fortunate in my career choices and hold an executive position with a large major corporation who is self-insured, administered through a major insurance company, but thought I could have some discussion with our Chief of Staff to help us find a solution. The tricky part of using Envita as we desired was that it would cost us $80K out of pocket, and I don't know about you guys but I don't have that kind of cash that's liquid. Have a bunch of equity in my home, investments, and an +800 credit score but we were in no way capable of dropping $80K in the 8 weeks with no option for a payment plan. Long story short, we were given a personal liason with the insurance company to explore all oncologists office all over North America who would potentially administer the drugs perscribed from the testing done by Envita. The NET result to this search was NULL, and we were back to square one. Again facing the possiblity of spending $80K was completely off the table for me more/less because I had no idea where this money would come from. My wife was on a mission to make this and honestly I would have and would do anything to give it to her. She's the mother of my son, my wife, and literally the glue that holds our little family together. We attepted the obligatory GoFundMe wtih friends and family on social media and tried to spread it around, but were still short a pretty significant margin. We finally came across a company that would buy out her life insurance policy, but as you can imagine they are hedging against what they believe is the inevitable. Once they pay out a percentage of the yield, they own the policy, can renew it, but the payout is not taxed and we figured since it was a term policy it would never have been renewed with the current diagnosis (only 2 years left on a 10yr term). So we did it, and the company paid out about 65% of the total value but now she had enough to cover the $80K expense of treatment. While some might consider this a gamble in some ways and the thoughts can get kind of dark when considering all the variables this was our decision. She's now about 6 months post-treatment and the cancer is almost completely gone. The leisons in her spine will never heal, but they're so microscopic that a radiologist did not feel it was neccessary to persue radiation on the spots. The spot on her liver reduced to almost nothing and expected to decline further and the nodules in her lungs are completely gone. While I'm not overtly optimistic that the cancer is completely gone, her live expectancy went signicantly up with these results. There's no number they can peg at this moment, but when she was diagnosed orignally it was maybe 10-12 months. To not have a definitive number today, is a blessing well worth praising. To summarize, I don't know that anyone will read all of this and it honestly just made me feel better to write it all out. My hope is that it gives someone and somewhere some small amount of encouragement. DO NOT believe that the narrative or diagnosis is the end all, be all. Granted, some will not have these results and I would never want to give a false sense of hope to someone. Although, take the time to really review all of your options and get more opinions even if it's from the interwebs. There may be more hope than is originally perceived....End Ramble.
  3. Haven't been on since the shirt dropped a while back. Miss this place...
  4. Damn, I didn’t get the caps, but that’s ok. What a nice shirt, and the stickers are being out to good use.
  5. I received my shirt today and WOW!! This is going to be my favorite shirt ever. Feels like I’m writing a corny Yelp review, but holy cow!! Thanks Raven!!
  6. No sweat, send me the code and I'll get it coming. Very cool idea!!
  7. Not gonna lie..The new Eminem album is legit to my whiskey ears. Atmosphere's new sample sounds legit too.
  8. Is there a Youtube or Worldstarhiphop video thread that I'm missing??
  9. The chick on the Cub Cadet is magical...
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