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  1. Damn, I didn’t get the caps, but that’s ok. What a nice shirt, and the stickers are being out to good use.
  2. I received my shirt today and WOW!! This is going to be my favorite shirt ever. Feels like I’m writing a corny Yelp review, but holy cow!! Thanks Raven!!
  3. No sweat, send me the code and I'll get it coming. Very cool idea!!
  4. Not gonna lie..The new Eminem album is legit to my whiskey ears. Atmosphere's new sample sounds legit too.
  5. Is there a Youtube or Worldstarhiphop video thread that I'm missing??
  6. The chick on the Cub Cadet is magical...
  7. Welcome back - We need a World Star HipHop Thread..
  8. I honestly didn't know it was still around.
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