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  1. Damn, I didn’t get the caps, but that’s ok. What a nice shirt, and the stickers are being out to good use.
  2. I received my shirt today and WOW!! This is going to be my favorite shirt ever. Feels like I’m writing a corny Yelp review, but holy cow!! Thanks Raven!!
  3. No sweat, send me the code and I'll get it coming. Very cool idea!!
  4. I'll buy two, because..✌
  5. Not gonna lie..The new Eminem album is legit to my whiskey ears. Atmosphere's new sample sounds legit too.
  6. Is there a Youtube or Worldstarhiphop video thread that I'm missing??
  7. The chick on the Cub Cadet is magical...
  8. Welcome back - We need a World Star HipHop Thread..
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