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  1. can't wait to get home and make myself a drink. titos' and reed's is waiting for me
  2. Game night, meh was okay Detective K, was surprisingly good.
  3. BETTER ANGELS America’s Sign LanguageDAVID BLANKENHORN Why looking at our signs is looking at us. “Sign”: A display (such as a lettered board or a configuration of neon tubing) used to identify or advertise a place or product or viewpoint. Ilove American signs and rise to praise them. I love the fact that they’re everywhere, even where they don’t belong. I love their astonishing variety, including their often pig-stomping vulgarity. I love the clamor and disorder of them. I love their incessant, usually unguided, syncretism. Most of all, I love the fact—well, at least it’s my fi
  4. groundhog day was great I had come in here to say something else but can only think about scenes from the movie now..
  5. Just back from vacation. got my first taste of europe. work sucks.
  6. That temple is a beautiful building. good job living life. and hope you r okay after that fall.
  7. ooontz oontz.. tumbleweeds and all that good stuff
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