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  1. @KILZ FILLZ I would say a solid 8 - reason being I have the entry level jawn without the warm water etc But a bidet is the straight truth when it comes to having a clean ass bruh - cuts down hella on TP use too. I don’t think I will ever go without one installed on my main throne for the rest of my life.
  2. 30 mins of cardio daily - typing this in the weight room and I am lifting 3-5 times a week. 27 day streak with the daily cardio and feeling like I am getting back into a good level of fitness. Turning 42 in a couple weeks and I am probably in better shape then I was at 32.
  3. A dope thread would be @DRUNKEN ASSHOLE ONER versus all the conservatives Trumpers -
  4. @LUGRyour MS Paint add has us in some dangerous territory. I searched up Female Centaur Topless and I am embarrassed by the results. This was the tamest shit…
  5. @Dark_Knight Zevia are all pretty fire.
  6. My guy probably has a get out of jail free card bookmarking the Stormy Daniels fleshlight advertisement in his copy of Black Cherry.
  7. Different jawns from all over the Country - probably some diet shits too made with Aspartame. @NightmareOnElmStreettrying to have a hot tub glizzy boil
  8. Trump probably keeps bread-n-butter pickles on his nightstand.
  9. Only took two flicks yesterday- this sink is crazy, all the shit is on this bar. Soap, Water, Air
  10. @T4M* got that eyebrow burner piece - cuidado!! dope post though.
  11. I think your boy Trump probably gets cucked by BBC and then has Ivanka give him a cooter facial. Seems like he would be into that kind of shit behind closed doors. I think he also wears hot dog buns on his feet - talks in his sleep about “One glizzy to rule them all…”
  12. Up here the paisas would molly-whop a dude trying to edge in on their game. Was at Depot yesterday and there were easily 40 dudes in the lot looking to work.
  13. Tenemos mucho trabajo aqui guey! Califas cabron! On the serious - Mexicans be everywhere, NYC kitchens. Probably bottling syrup in Vermont and shit, selling sunscreen in Florida. Dead serious, I have never met a lazy Mexican in my life.
  14. All the best Mexican laborers are in Cali bro - if they make it out to @NightmareOnElmStreet area then they probably hella sus
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