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  1. fat ralphy


    My pops called me yesterday and said he has 40 days without a drink. Better late than never. Hope all you brothers are living your best life.
  2. @glorydaysMy game is fundamentals primarily. I tend to use a lot of open guard, De La Riva, arm drag, back takes- obviously I prefer top game and smash. I get a lot of bow and arrow, straight arm bar, Americana and Ezekiels. Our instructor is a Carlos Gracie Jr black belt who taught at Gracie Barra for 15 years prior to coming to the USA. We are really geared towards fundamental BJJ.
  3. fat ralphy


    Moe - if there are any programs in your area I suggest trying one out. In many places you can get into a brief residential or outpatient treatment covered by insurance wether you are employed or not.....at least in California. The mental health stuff can get agitated when you detox and staying sober can really bring about some strong emotional responses which have been muted by alcohol/drugs for years. Good luck with your recovery man - it’s not easy but I wouldn’t trade my sobriety for anything. All that being said - I just had 12 years off drink in November. There are times I feel like I am missing out when I see others drinking but then I remember I am not like other people. I look at my pops and brother and see them struggle with the addiction and I know I make the right choice. Keep it up fellas.
  4. yeah - i think @misteravenwill take to the sport very naturally considering his other interests two years ago I was weighing in at 245 lbs but 11/2018 I suffered a bad sciatic injury which really impacted my ability to exercise. getting to gym and bjj regularly now, diet is next. i need to get back in my weight loss thread and make some progress.
  5. Wow - I am stoked to see this thread is staying active. I have been struggling lately to log on, severe decline of my best friend who has cancer and some good work stressors are my excuse. I received my brown belt in December. I have been training 6.5 years and to be honest this last year has been my worst overall due to injuries. I didn’t really feel deserving but it is not my decision. The last 8 weeks I was sidelined with some bad ringworm. However, last two weeks I have been back at it and I am basically still destroying most everyone. Size and skill/time on the mat is hard to beat no matter how you look at it. Weighing in at 305lbs right now - smh. The stress I have been under lately hasn’t helped my dietary choices.
  6. RIP Spesh Not my flick but saw this today on Santa Clara Street in San Jose.
  7. The Hundreds Interview
  8. Just saw the news on Norm MSK - legendary writer who absolutely crushed and an amazing tattoo artist. I remember being impressed with his work late 90’s in SF - definitely one of the kings of West Coast.
  9. I have worked at 6 pizzerias in my illustrious career - The crust needs to be a bit thinner, I think a touch of olive oil will help. The thicker crust doesn’t cook evenly because the oven is rather small. Too big and the pizza burns especially if it makes contact with the oven next batch I am shooting for thin crust and cook smaller pizzas.
  10. Then Ooni oven is decently priced and works really well. I need to tweak my dough recipe a bit but there were no complaints on the maiden voyage.......heads nom’d the homemade pizza with enthusiasm.
  11. Last weeks hitter - homemade sope’s with grass fed organic steak from a friends ranch.
  12. Allow me to demonstrate the skills of Shaolin.... Kids make this world a better place man. #gooddadgang
  13. fat ralphy


    @KILZ FILLZprepping for “No Nut November” ?
  14. The diet has been a struggle lately. My kids start school this week which means extra gym trips...
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