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  1. my guys - couple times this week cardio came in some alternate forms. Today walked to the grocery store and carried groceries home. Last night went rounds with my chick, I need to get back to a routine. Still dieting properly, made some dope soup last night. Italian Sausage browned, 4 bacon strips (no sugar from the butcher), onion, red pepper flakes, chicken broth, kale and light coconut milk. Smacked. This girl throws down in the kitchen and most of it is easy prep, insta pot etc. Elevating my diet and home cooking for sure.
  2. Voice sounds like a fucking goat.
  3. The answer correct is obviously sniz. I am having leftover Wagyu wraps from last night.
  4. For whatever reason Brave may have been glitching out on my phone…. It’s Thursday bruhs, what’s for lunch?
  5. Did he really ask this? Chick made Wagyu slider wraps and sweet potato fries. We out here bruhs. #TeamSniz22
  6. fat ralphy


    18 days into 2022 - best believe we still appreciating sniz.
  7. Expected dick pics. /nh
  8. @NightmareOnElmStreet As a huge Sopranos fan (series watched 6x) I agree with you man. The movie barely digs into Tony's development and some of the casting is hella ridiculous - young Sylvio and Paulie in particular. I still liked the movie but it didn't meet my expectations.
  9. Good follow up to Flea - Acid for the Children...
  10. This my go to Yellowman joint....
  11. @morton more like the food I eat process relatively quickly and I feel less bloated but yes it relates to shitting. Actually a little less frequently than when my diet was piss poor. I have been sticking with my cardio - only have lost about 3 lbs this month but I feel pretty damn good. I realize I need to cut down on snacks between meals - hella fruit and nuts /nh the calories add up.
  12. Yes and I think this was where the real work was put in.......I once made a noob shit his pants and quit graf with just 6 words.
  13. Ooontz opened a can of worms on that dude. Fuck Adams Block - dude was a punk and a transplant.
  14. I have punked people for this shit - get real jail house with a couple motherfuckers and that shit will cease with a quickness. I feel you @mr.yuck shit gets me heated!
  15. Thick beach ebony got a crazy hairline lolz Bruh this page got some heat.
  16. One kid with Covid- now me and little dude will keep sitting around to see if we are good. Really don’t want a 2nd round with this shit.
  17. DOLE - I remember when AH started, 20 years ago!! Dope zine.
  18. Ok so i fell off for two days last week - I went to chicks house and her dog kept me up hella late….the next day I was hurting. Like and 40 yro running on 3 hours sleep…. But I got back on - so this weekend I will make up that hour. Why? For you MFers - let’s go!!!
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