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fat ralphy

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  1. The Hundreds Interview
  2. Just saw the news on Norm MSK - legendary writer who absolutely crushed and an amazing tattoo artist. I remember being impressed with his work late 90’s in SF - definitely one of the kings of West Coast.
  3. Been offline for a while - gonna dig into this deeper later tonight.
  4. I have worked at 6 pizzerias in my illustrious career - The crust needs to be a bit thinner, I think a touch of olive oil will help. The thicker crust doesn’t cook evenly because the oven is rather small. Too big and the pizza burns especially if it makes contact with the oven next batch I am shooting for thin crust and cook smaller pizzas.
  5. Then Ooni oven is decently priced and works really well. I need to tweak my dough recipe a bit but there were no complaints on the maiden voyage.......heads nom’d the homemade pizza with enthusiasm.
  6. Last weeks hitter - homemade sope’s with grass fed organic steak from a friends ranch.
  7. Allow me to demonstrate the skills of Shaolin.... Kids make this world a better place man. #gooddadgang
  8. fat ralphy


    @KILZ FILLZprepping for “No Nut November” ?
  9. The diet has been a struggle lately. My kids start school this week which means extra gym trips...
  10. smash serena and the crossfit coworker - those muscles broads are scust. might as well sport a slayer tee and eat pizza while they tug you /ripdow
  11. I went for a triangle Nov. of last year - dude stood up and stretched me out pretty good. The next day my back was hella sore. Got a massage (mistake) - day after that I could barely walk. Missed 7+ days of work.....complete agony. Even when I went back to work I could hardly walk. Now 9 months later, I am much better but still get pain. I have taken it super easy and been pretty lax in training overall. Instructor got on me a but yesterday because I packed it in a little early - gave me the whole “your purple belt, soon you be brown belt Ralphy you need to just train.” Fuck it man. I am making progress - some days after work and dealing with kids I dont even want to go train. Soon enough I will be back to 3 times a week, thats pretty much all I can do considering my schedule. Choked the shit out of one of our purple belts yesterday. Guy is really technical and I like training with him - caught him slipping though.
  12. @Mercerthe accidental jiu jits fart is unavoidable. i generally try not to eat for at least 4 hours prior to training. My instructor once used me to demo a knee on belly - of course the pressure induced some flatulence. Good times.
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