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  1. I have a cousin out there - she married a jewish baller.
  2. @KILZ FILLZ thanks man - believe it or not this is the best chance he has had at stability in years.
  3. @KILZ FILLZ solid course of action dude. I visited my bro today in the hospital. He is still very much in his delusions and in his case this incident probably falls more under schizophrenia versus an organic suicide attempt. Man schizophrenia is wild - we have dealt with his illness unchecked for years. Crazy part is that when people are sick their delusions are their reality and you cannot convince them otherwise. This 14 day hold will hopefully help to get him on antipsychotics finally. Highlight of today was hearing him telling the hospital staff they are “forgiven of all their sins” and hearing about how he tried to book it from the cops ass naked while carrying not one but two bibles. Stay up oontz.
  4. So does Olive Garden - a homie worked there for about 10 years…….yup you guessed it, he is a huge success.
  5. @Dark_Knight the type of dude trying to brush his knuckles against some chicks ass in the church choir
  6. @nicklesndimessobe was super popular but I stayed fucking with Arizona
  7. Checking your beezy is standard issue where I was raised, this fucking cuck. Plus he getting gamed up by the fuckin hispanic cross of coolio and Takashi 69 - dude looking like he has an after club torta in his pocket.
  8. Never used to plan ahead - defrosted meat in microwave on the regular. My chick has me on some next level and now I plan meals ahead and leave the shit out. The harmful radiation claim is lolz - essentially microwaves heat water molecules right? I think its a form of radiation but not harmful. @Mercer preach bro - been saying that forever
  9. Bro is on a 14 day psych evaluation and they are in process of getting approval to make him take medication. I am planning to go visit him tomorrow.
  10. hella convenient- the new switches I put in this month had that direct plug feature and its so much easier. My old man made a couple of passes with the mud after all the corner bead was put on this week. Starting to look like we are getting towards finishing - that said I do want to run a new electrical floor outlet where the old wall sat, I am thinking a kitchen island would be nice with some electrical sourced right there. Also need to call the flooring dude this week and get a box of the stuff we put in 7 years ago, hopefully its available still.
  11. lolz, the 68 yro with his nuts in a wheelbarrow yo props on doing any part of a marathon- that and sky diving are two things I am just never going to do.
  12. @KILZ FILLZany updates dood? What was it that led to you making this thread? Also props to @Dark_Knight for sharing on the personal tip….. I have had a few dark moments myself. Keep up the good work my guy.
  13. I will update the thread - no thread jack. My bro had a disposition to schizophrenia which he no doubt agitated after a cool 5-6 years of methamphetamine use. Delusional hardcore for years and we gave tried to help him but no luck. My folks visited him today and he is coherent.
  14. Lolz - the 4 year later bump. @Steel Schnauzer what happened with cheeks? that fucking swim hole looks epic btw.
  15. Stay safe out there oontz, take care of yourself because I love you guys. Update to my bro, he is stable and safe. Likely will face some lightweight charges based on the situation. Dude has been wild crazed for years with mental illness that he denies, this really may be helpful in engaging him into treatment. It also may not, which is Ok because rule #1 guys, we can’t control what takes place with others and need to understand how that must lead us to healthy boundaries in relationships.
  16. @LUGR as a substance abuse counselor I can’t place people on holds but I have had to get the proper steps started. What is absolutely insane about being tagged in this thread. Last night my brother (undiagnosed schizophrenic/meth) douses his vehicle in gasoline and lights it on fire. Takes off all his clothes and tries to commit seppuku in the middle of El Camino Real - which is a huge street that runs through the entire peninsula up to South City. Dude is on a hold right now - restraints, anti psychotics, had to be given a CT scan to check for serious organ damage etc. I am actually relieved of course because he didn’t manage to kill himself and hopefully this will engage him or force him into treatment after 5+ years of unregulated insanity. @KilzFilz for a friend, you make sure they dont have access to firearms and you strongly consider calling in emergency services if the dude is super despondent and talking about taking action. A hold generally needs some clear behavior or if no behavior then a confirmation of a plans and the means to act on it. Its good you are asking here about your boy. It is also good to be straightforward with your buddy and tell him that you are concerned and why - sometimes opening that up allows you to get a sense of the issue and lets them know you care.
  17. Right - I would have pink eye before I got out the door.
  18. Bought my kid an RC car last year - 10 years old and zero fucks given. I remember being so pumped when I got one as a kid.
  19. Getting a custom portrait done for my chicks bday……pricey but dope. https://potatoartstudios.com/
  20. I tried to lurk his IG but its a private profile. /nostalker
  21. Seems doubtful but I was just thinking how it would be nice to get an update on the homie @-Rage- I am about 5 months away from seeing RATM after holding on to these tickets for two damn years!!
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