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  1. bust out that thing and ask for the glizzy pretzel wrap….they got those helicopters fam
  2. Hit the strip spots and then go catch wreck downtown……
  3. @LUGR naw I was a Centerfolds kinda guy.
  4. @LUGR I think we rolled up pretty late into the show - also I can barely remember shit anymore.
  5. The rebound into working out has been slow - lifted today, BJJ tonight and eating better. The daily cardio yet to commence /bitchmadeoner I will get better. Good to see you guys pushing. @KILZ FILLZ dope PR dude….. @metronome that extra work shit really does make it hard to remain consistent but you have made hella progress.
  6. @LUGR me and the homie had taped bags of liquor to our legs and were faded as fuck when we got there……plus the chicks we were with were wack. I think I recall the sound was trash at that show. I stayed put kicking back on the grass and watched the mayhem.
  7. Yeah I saw them there. All the cheap seats rushed the stage. Saw Czarface last year which was dope.
  8. @Deine Mudder it was pretty fucking good. Nom Nom Paleo has hella recipes online - this was great, the chicken thighs with skin on really cooks nicely. Recipe called for ghee but all I had was butter, my chick cooked the butter and separated the cream or some shit idk. Aspargus on Broil in air fryer set to High for 4 minutes. Heirloom tomatoes with balsamic. Scored some points serving this one.
  9. Made this for my girl - if anyone curious Cracklin Chicken recipe by Nom Nom Paleo.
  10. my dick was hella small in the 80’s
  11. @mr.yucke40 and brotha lynch were also in heavy rotation out here….
  12. I was on Gravediggaz in 8th grade - 36 Chambers came out when I was a freshman. Took a minute, it was an acquired taste. As a white boy I mostly listened to grunge type shit and punk in middle school. I was introduced to Run DMC in 88 and I dug on Digital Underground. Once I found the East Coast rap sound and started writing it was a wrap, that became my shit and still is to this day. Started writing around 12 yro but my first solid writing partner was freshman year and he was heavy into the East Coast sound. Very few additions to my musical catalog this century - Golden Era of Rap set my standards high as fuck.
  13. Power posting ftw….this is my shower curtain.
  14. I am a big Wu fan and definitely think you can’t rank them due to lack of individual releases from half the crew and certain verses that are insane from members who are less prolific. That said - Ghostface is the illest in my opinion and the Ghost/Raekwon material is pretty much all dope. Regarding Cappadonna his shit was dope when it came out and definitely has a couple tracks in the WU top 10 tracks. Stand out albums of course - OBFCL, Iron Man, Liquid Swords
  15. My teeth high quality and straight as fuck. /dopebenefitsoner
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