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  1. When I collect more mushrooms than I can eat, we use a dehydrator machine to preserve them and it makes them last pretty much forever (if you store them in a airtight container afterwards). You can use a dehydrator for so many different things and its a great way to preserve so many different things you can grow.
  2. Yes we have many different mushrooms, ones that will make you sick, some that will get you really sick and a few that will kill you. But, its pretty easy to tell them apart. Its not like you just go pick any mushrooms you see. There are about 4 different ones that are eatable in the areas I go to, and 100's that are not, they just looks nice and they are all different in size, color, stem, where they grow etc. Its really not hard or dangerous at all, as long as you stick to picking ones you know are all safe. There are many good books on the subject (and probably also online sources) and its not hard at all to navigate around that subject. Stick to the ones you know, they are build in the same way and easy to tell apart.
  3. I wouldn't have made a post like this 10 years ago when it was all about posting graffiti flicks on 12oz, but my new, secret, grown-up hobby these days is collecting mushrooms in the big woods, when time and season allows it. I got introduced to collecting mushrooms by my nature-crazed father-in-law, and its so good. Walking around alone in the deepest parts of the biggest woods, looking for the "gold of the forest" aka kantarells mushrooms, the most delicious of mushrooms ever. Last year was the craziest season ever (or at least in the 5 seasons I have been picking), because it rained a lot in the beginning of summer, and then it got really hot, perfect conditions for these goldnuggets to grow. You need to learn a few secret and tactics in order to find them, but once I caught on, it really sucked me in. For me its the ultimate dropping out of the rat race time, just going away from everything for a few hours and enjoy the silence and tranquility of the woods and the rewarding feeling of finding mushrooms, it really recharges my inner battery. A good batch after a visit to the big woods. State laws allows you to pick "a hat full" in public woods. Cleaning mushrooms after the picking, with a glass of redwine in the sunset. Bliss. One way to eat them is on a pizza with cheese and rosemary. Often used in sauces also. So tasty. Below a good day out on the boat, follow by a quick trip to the woods. Incredible free summertime dinner.
  4. Europe

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    Im here to reminisce and feel old. And keep my post count up.
  5. So just read this whole thread, and some of the ideas and thoughts are the same that I have been having out here, living in the downtown area of our capital. My wife's family is from an epic island which is probably the place in this country where you would go to live "off the grid", even though its well populated and you can fly from the island to the capital in 30 mins. Yes its a small country here. But either that or the big woods in a neighboring country. Our family have a couple of summerhouses on this island and we go there a few times a year and its always where I feel the best. Beaches, big woods, open land, fields and just epic nature all around me. I get to slow down and rethink life. Im playing with the thought of moving out there, but either my wife or me would have to land a good job to support us, and there aren't many around, especially not being a creative like me. Also my wife's profession and career ties her to major university cities. But on the island you can buy a house for 6 times less the money than you can where we live now. Maybe we will get around to it once we have to move out of the apartment and into a house to have enough room for our family. Raven, how is mushroom picking out there? With all the nature and woods around you, there has got to be something to pick? Mushroom picking has over the last few years become my new secret hobby. My father in law introduced me to it, and now Im completely hooked and its so awesome. Spending hours alone in big woods where no man goes, finding the most delicious things nature has to offer, completely free. So rewarding and mellowing at the same time.
  6. A TV series about how graffiti spread from New York to the rest of the world. 1st season is 10 episodes covering New York, Amsterdam, London and several German cities, and features prolific graffiti artists like LEE, FUTURA2000, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY, the TATS CRU, SKEME, SHOE, MODE2, BANDO, CANTWO, JBK, PRIDE, 3D, NEON as well as the role and influence of gallerist Yaki Kornblit. Free streaming worldwide on the ARTE TV website: https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/RC-015348/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing/ There is also a blogpost here with all 10 episodes embedded straight for your viewing pleasure: http://www.mtn-world.com/en/blog/2018/01/16/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-documentary/
  7. Europe

    Spray Paint

    Last page here is the best read I had on 12oz in ages, thank you gentlemen.
  8. Europe

    Instagram. how does it work?

    Top 100 graffiti instagram accounts: http://www.ilovegraffiti.de/lars/2012/09/25/top-100-graffiti-instagramers/
  9. Europe

    Instagram. how does it work?

    Follow an old 12oz mod, aka me: @larscopenhagen
  10. Europe

    RIP Nekst

    Nekst playlist: http://www.theworldsbestever.com/2009/10/09/sound-advice-21-nekst/
  11. Europe

    RIP Nekst

    Tribute by Askew in Auckland
  12. Europe

    RIP Nekst

    4 x tribute in Brisbane, by Seiko, Sofles, Jade and Dyms
  13. Europe

    RIP Nekst

    Tribute rolling in Australia