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  1. Did you actually, with LOVE, post this? You are the one running a forum with a sticky thread about "do not talk about the CAUSE of death" as it would soooo insensitive to talk about how some junkie bomber died, yet you are here asking for photos of thousands of dead people from a worldwide catastrophic pandemic? FUCK outta here with all that Mr. Know-it-all bullshit you keep posting about how the world REALLY turns, "when you think about it". When is the 12oz tinfoilhat collabo coming out?? Stay at home! Later, "with love"
  2. In a situation like this, you need a government to take the measures needed, the "save yourself" tactic will get everyone wiped out. The only thing you can do yourself: Stay at home.
  3. Just came here to post this I got sent on Whatsapp. Watch it over and over while you are staying at home 🙂 WhatsApp Video 2020-03-19 at 13.05.30.mp4
  4. Well, how many writers actually have a mask, with new working filters? Thought so! 😉
  5. Your average aerosol mask (of the A2/P2 standard) filters the same as N95. Go graffiti! Stay at home!
  6. Its really a bit unfair, as this pandemic is a huge thing to comprehend, and my reality is about 10-14 days ahead of yours. And I know its hard to accept strangers opinion online, especially when they contradict your own world view. But trust me on this one. Stay at home!
  7. I wont bore you with prejudice stereotypes of Americans, lets just say that you wont find "healthy" on top of any list if you ask around.
  8. With even more respect, this is not a dick measuring contest about fatalities. But the US have started WAY later in the spreading proces to do anything significant to slow it, which means the US will be much harder hit. And the US still more than 46 million elderly people, and a much worse public healthcare system.
  9. Big supermarket and big pharma is not letting this golden chance slip... And there is not a war on. This is not about goods. Its about not socializing, staying 6 feet away from each other. Staying at home!
  10. You do realize that you have to keep a minimum distance of 6 feet to any other human, right? No matter if its at the grocery store, or elsewhere. Also, your best friends, your family etc, are the ones most likely to pass on the virus to you. Stay at home!
  11. Yeah thats what Italy said 1 month ago... Mark my words, the US will be hit the hardest of all countries, and this will be bigger than 9-11 and all the hurricanes combined, plus give and take a few wars. But go ahead, listen to this guy instead of the worlds medical establishment... Stay at home, now!
  12. Rage, all normal people need to do this, in order for you and many others to make, thats the whole point! Wish you all the best, take care!
  13. Thank you, and sorry. Waking up after too little sleep, checking the news and then going on the board here, its literally like watching a train-wreck in slowmotion, you know its gonna be an absolutely horrible crash that the worlds never seen the like of before, and everyone here is just playing on the train tracks... People are dying, societies are crumbling, nations are shutting down. All you can do to stop this is: Stay (the fuck) at home! Starting right now! This was my Ted talk, thank you.
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