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  1. The full season 3 (6 episodes) can be streamed here for free worldwide: https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/RC-018364/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-season-3/
  2. 1st episode of season 3 is here, featuring Dortmund, Frankfurt and Berlin! https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/085941-011-A/dortmund-berlin-frankfurt/
  3. The trailer for the 3rd season is ready The full season will be available for FREE streaming worldwide on Dec. 23rd 2019! www.arte.tv
  4. Europe


    Eventually theyll make it on to a podcast site, for now they are just on youtube.
  5. The trailer for the movie about Martha
  6. The full trailer is ready now. The movie comes with my highest recommendations!
  7. The trailer for Martha the Movie, the documentary about Martha Cooper by Selina Miles is finally here. The movie comes with my highest recommendations!!
  8. Today is 9 years since you passed, still miss you on the forum! ❤️
  9. We have made an interview podcast series based on the TV show. Here is 45 minutes of interview with Seen
  10. Europe


    45 minutes interview with Seen in this new podcast series
  11. Europe


    45 minutes interview with Seen in this new podcast
  12. Not even weed. And yes, people of color are often victims of racism there. Oh I forgot, there is a drug thats special to Russia, its called krokodile... Google it!
  13. 4 trips to Russia here. Met alot of writers and young lifestyle people, went clubbing, to concerts, festivals and events. Never once was there any sign or even talk of drugs. I mean any other drug than the almigthy alcohol which is everywhere and alcoholism is huuuge there. You can buy it anywhere, at all times and for no money.
  14. Last time (about 10 years ago) I checked I had around 25.000 posts. At one point I was in the post Top5, but probaly slipped down to the post Top20 before the forum lost steam. I modded the board forever and posted a tons of photos and content. Now my new profile says I have 3000something post?
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