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The gulf coast is finished

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Re: The gulf coast is fucked


i dont know brokowski, ive traveled and theres some pretty nice fucking places out there, better than shit ive seen in the usa.


maybe your from a shitty state, ive been everywhere australia to the middle east to southafrica to ireland to singapore and the whole time during extended stays i was wishing i had some rubby slippers


aint no place like home


oh and eygpt is a shit hole the pyramids blow

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Re: The gulf coast is fucked




Oil container washes ashore in Florida


President Obama addresses the nation live Tuesday night at 8 ET with the latest on the BP oil disaster. Stay with CNN for updates on the cleanup and effort to stop the leak.


(CNN) -- A portion of beach in Panama City, Florida, was closed Saturday after a large oil container with BP markings washed ashore, local authorities said.


It was not immediately clear if the container, which was leaking a small amount of oil, came from the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that exploded April 20 and sank two days later, triggering a massive underwater gusher that has led to the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.


The large, stainless steel tank about the size of a refrigerator washed up on the west end of Panama City Beach and was discovered shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday, Bay County sheriff's Deputy Ray Maulbeck told CNN.


The container has a capacity of 550 gallons of oil, but Maulbeck said officials didn't know how much oil was in the tank.


BP officials could not be immediately reached for comment.


Panama City has not yet seen tar balls or any other evidence of the spill reach its shoreline, according to Bay County spokeswoman Valerie Lovett.


"It was about six foot tall and about three or four feet deep," Lovett said. "They took it over to the local Coast Guard station and I was told it's going to be taken to Louisiana, to be laid down with other items similar to that -- that are being considered evidence in the investigation."


The beach is set to reopen Sunday, authorities said.








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