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  1. yall niggas need to learn to take a flick without showin your face in the mirror. we got emo fags taking pics of scribes and clowns in red explorer... and wtf is the south bay....
  2. lol you mad resq gets up more then you. take your hater skirt off playa.
  3. brentwood sucks dick, so do the niggas that live there....or mexicans i mean.
  4. got a bye week, and i'm out of my $FF.
  5. i got spanked, i still dont understand how ive only lost three thoe. my teams garbage.
  6. damn, icr me and you. only undefeated teams left.
  7. glad i missed the whole card, kinda bummed to hear crocop seems done in the ufc.
  8. lol fuck sonnen, said it before and will say it again. man i hope crocop kicks mir's head off.
  9. damn dude, your computer only comes with a spellcheck, maybe you should check it out.
  10. man, 2-0 here and 0-2 in my money leauge...aint that a bitch. matt shaub killed me for 116 points :(
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