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  1. Trying to learn this new oontz platform. Thanks to Raven for getting me back in. I's complex af for either me being on a mobile device or being I am old man now. :))
  2. I have no idea how to be a part of your site anymore, is there a free instructional booklet included somewhere?
  3. Im tryin to figure out what the hell happened to the oontz... Thats what I'm doing RIGHT NOW.
  4. well I just popped in for the first time since january to post a shitty dao photoshop...
  5. "Like 100" some weeks I worked over, some I worked right at, and some I worked under. I never said solid 100 at anytime. Unfortunately I was a salaried employee so I didn't make shit for the hours I put in. I developed serious mental shit from the long hours, lack of sleep, and stress so I left that position after about 9 months or so.
  6. Actually I would go a month in a half at a time without a day off sometimes more. You don't have to believe me I don't know you I don't give a fuck.
  7. Ha! This thread.. Sorry I left this unanswered I didn't have much time worked like a 100 a week with no days off forever. I'll start with the why I felt I could triple they rent or whatever I wanted. They never signed their lease so there was no legal contract at all and technically they couldn't prove they were even legally allowed to be in the building. And on the recipe theft, shit yeah I have stock piled them myself for possibly a later use who the fuck doesn't? But my point is as someone stated "he took the recipes across the street" which is true Valdez is that small the new spot was a block and a half away. It doesn't matter what he took it just this town is not big and I was actually told by many locals about it which in result they boycotted the new spot and they shut down shortly due to it. What happened to the property? I sold it literally 20 minutes later for almost double what I paid so I never had to deal with him.
  8. Check this shit out. http://www.adn.com/2014/01/25/3291523/road-crews-work-to-neutralize.html A 50-mile stretch of the Richardson Highway outside Valdez will remain closed until at least Monday as crews charged with clearing avalanche debris work to bring down unstable snow in Thompson Pass. Multiple avalanches early Friday morning blocked the highway, effectively cutting off Valdez by road. The slides measured several hundred feet long and between 30 and 40 feet deep, said Jeremy Woodrow, a state Department of Transportation spokesman. Crews spent Saturday dropping aerial explosives on chutes in hopes of averting additional slides. A crew was also delivered by helicopter to a stationary avalanche gun to blast more of the slide area, Woodrow said. A new avalanche slid down the north side of Keystone Canyon on Saturday, possibly caused by blasting activities, Woodrow said. It measured between 1,000 and 1,500 feet long and between 60 and 70 feet deep. By the end of the day, it was determined that the slide area was still too unstable for crews to enter the canyon and begin removing snow and debris. Blasting efforts will continue from dawn to dusk on Sunday, and the roadway will remain closed until Monday or Tuesday, depending on the weather, Woodrow said. "It's one of the larger avalanche activities ever seen in this area," Woodrow said. DOT closed the Richard Highway between mileposts 12 and 64, a stretch that includes Keystone Canyon and the Alpine Woods subdivision. No injuries or damage to homes have been reported but the highway may be in rough shape when the snow clearing finally begins, said Holly Wolgamott, deputy city clerk in Valdez. "We will have to wait and see once (DOT) starts clearing the road what happens to the road itself," Wolgamott said. About three inches of rain fell in the area Friday, a record for that day in January, according to Mike Ottenweller, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage. Water flowing from the Lowe River, which was dammed by slides at Mile 16, began receding overnight Friday. A flash flood warning and evacuation order issued earlier in the day was lifted for residents of Keystone Canyon on Saturday, as well as a voluntary evacuation order for those living in Alpine Woods and the 10 Mile area. Katie Dugan and her husband have lived in a small subdivision at Mile 19 of Thompson Pass for the past three years. Their cabin lost electricity, Internet and cell service for about 24 hours, starting around 2 p.m. on Friday. She said an avalanche closes the road once a winter but only for a few hours or a day. "From what I hear, this is huge," said Dugan, a communications manager for Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. She had to turn back on her commute to work Friday morning, and has been cut off from Valdez ever since. But thanks to Costco trips, her cabin has plenty of food and water, she said. She, her husband and her neighbors played music, drank wine and lit candles. "It was definitely rustic last night," she said with a laugh. Certain foods were running low at the Safeway in Valdez after the road closure caused the supermarket to miss a delivery. Safeway was planning to put its truck on a ferry instead, and goods were expected to be replenished Sunday, Wolgamott said. Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker, his wife, and lieutenant governor candidate Craig Fleener expected to drive to Valdez for a campaign event Friday night. But after hearing of the avalanche in Keystone Canyon, they ended up on a plane instead. Walker said in an email that they didn't see the avalanche itself from the air but noticed major portions of Mile High Mountain where snow had slid, leaving large brown dirt patches. "We were told that on Thursday night in Valdez, residents were woken up when these in-town slides broke loose," Walker wrote. "They likened the sound to that of a jet engine."
  9. i been here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program
  10. i know these guys cool people, never really got into their music tho.
  11. I'd say I'm thug as these guys.
  12. some may know and others dont but i moved to alaska to take on a head chef position. not too long ago i had hired this guy to be my number 2, sous chef, assistant, or whatever else you could call it and he ended up fucking me over and left to a new restaurant and took some of my recipes with him as well. today a good friend offered me to buy some of his real estate up here, turns out that fuck ex employee lives there with his girl, baby, and lame dogs. ha! his rent is getting tripled tomorrow after i make the purchase. he gonna shit his pants when i show up with the papers and tell em to pay up or gtfo! dont fuck with me broke fucks, i gots monies now... eat a dick!
  13. i havent been on here for a while and i would like to say thanks for the positive thoughts. Nick unfortunately passed a couple days after i started this thread. a good friend of the both of ours said to me after his passing, "Nick only wanted to have a good time and he made sure everyone around him did as well" which was 100, hed spend his last dollar to get you a beer. rip homie
  14. thank you tango, i guess im just asking for positive thoughts his way... he not doing so good, please send those thoughts his way no matter what you all believe in he/we really need them. thanks in advance
  15. so just a few days ago a dear friend of mine od'd. its easy to say, well he deserved it. no it not like that if you have ever dealt with addiction or known someone who has. my friend dont do heroin or meth or crack,he just partied and made the best of what life he had. I love that fucker, he been in a coma and last i heard he is stable with severe brain damage. I love you Nick please pull through homie!! I just wish you remember me the next time you see my face. im only saying this here cause some of you know who im talkin about and those who do now you know what is up and please dont share it on facebook cause obviously it been kept highly on the down low. sorry upset rants are over, carry on and no titties just positive thoughts for my homie, love you buddy stay strong.
  16. Oh and... I regularly leave bars here at 6am, they'll stay open as long as they have business and 2 of the like 5 here let you smoke in them which is a lot of fun.
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