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  1. I'm half way through this, it's one of those books that gets suggested every month or two but you never read it until you're more or less forced to and you end up absolutely loving it. EDIT: sorry for the size, but it's a sick cover.
  2. Preparing to go cave hunting in the mountains outside of Granada, but its fucking 93 degrees outside and I'm not feeling it. My cave isn't all that great, mountainbikers are always flying past at early hours.
  3. What's worse is when they throw your shit out because its "broken", or make you leave it on the street where you get picked up. Glad to hear he got out of jail, I've heard terrible things about the Memphis jail.
  4. acer910

    Tea thread

    Moroccan mint all day every day. 2 parts Gunpowder green, 1 part Peppermint. Must be brewed in a French Press or open pot (and then poured through a strainer obviously) so the Gunpowder Green leaves can "explode" (hence the name) and release all the flavor. But don't buy the pre mixed shit. And god forbid if you buy tea in bags, it's like buying trim instead of nugs. edit: I see its already been mentioned... My bad
  5. Hitching down to Barcelona from Montpellier in a few days. Someone shoot me a PM.
  6. Or anything by Camus, really. The Plague was extremely interesting too, how humans confront and eventually accept death and suffering, etc etc
  7. My bad. Hitching to Morocco, staying in south France till this kid goes back to university. We went to the beach in carnon to camp in the woods, swim, do beach things. I woke at like 5am to voices, thought nothing of it. 3 hours later we wake up to shitloads of smoke. Someone set the woods on fire right by our camp and it turned into this fucking huge fire. They shut down the whole peninsula because the smoke was too thick to drive through, so we had the beach to ourselves. They brought in this plane that carries water and had to dump two loads to put out the blaze. Probably some gypsies saw us camped, got pissed cus they wanted to camp, and torched the place. That or some retards made a fire they couldn't contain.
  8. Drinking mint infusion in montpellier, got burnt out of a camp spot by the beach last night by gypsies, shut down the whole peninsula to put out the blaze, laughing about it.
  9. I don't know who you are, but I like the Dune novels, and I like the band. So happy birthday.
  10. acer910


    I thought about making a pair with seatbelts, and fishing line (braid/mono hybrid in like 25lb test is soooo fucking awesome to sew with.) but I couldn't come up with a decent way to make them adjustable.
  11. you should become an ax murderer, and write a book about THAT.
  12. I always thought it was just because it seals off the body and blood circulation can continue. I know this happens to fucktards dicking around in the bowl at freight yards. Happen to be crossing a line and a car they sent down the hump hill rolling all silent and stuff squishes you. The coupler will connect through your body and you'll stay alive till they separate the cars.
  13. phew. that wasn't the original article I read, but the one I did read first was definitely standing up for the cops and saying it wasn't their fault. while this all is pretty fucked up, I'd rather go to bed at night knowing the police in my city can't hit shit, than knowing they are all dead on accurate... considering the police's general trigger happy attitude. an interesting thought, does the regulation regarding trigger pull apply to personal guns also? I don't know about big cities, but I do know police down south are allowed to purchase their own gun for carry on the clock. But then again, I assume any cop who cares enough to buy their own, would care enough to shoot it frequently in their off time...
  14. dont think a few bandaids would do much probably only brought out the stethoscope to see if he was dead. imagine, running down the steps with all her gear. seeing what just happened. "sigh" pulls out stethoscope all slowly and meanders over on a depressed "i hate my job" fashion. wishing it was her lodged im between the train and platform.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses for the police. Ever. But in NYC, I don't know about elsewhere, they don't have standard trigger pulls on their hand guns. They have a 12lb pull, as opposed to the 3.5lb pull on the standard glock 22. Here's an article talking about their Kahr k-9 handgun, and about how the company has tried for 3 years to manufacture it with NYPD requested 13lb trigger pull, and about how its fucking impossible to hit anything with this pull, and that the police should just be trained better. http://www.handgunsmag.com/2012/02/16/the-nypd-and-the-kahr-k-9-no-substitute-for-training/ Only linking this to show that they do in fact have harder trigger pulls, at least in NYC. Edit: It seems like they wouldn't be able to fill their ranks if they had stricter accuracy requirements, and they got tired of their cops accidentally shooting themselves, so they decided to blame the gun and put stronger pulls on them. So that the cops don't shoot them selves (which apparently happens a lot?) and when they have to shoot someone, they don't hit them.
  16. I second this. People tend to carry guns because the police can't do their job correctly, so they decide to take their safety in their own hands. Also, I think the reason why most cops can't hit shit is partly due to the trigger pull on their guns. I remember reading something about that when the shooting at the empire state building happened, and the only casualties were bystanders that the police accidentally shot, or something like that. edit: also because cops are humongous turd burglars. double edit: someone beat me to the nyc thing.
  17. It would be cool if they started running up on bnsf tracks down that way. But I doubt it. Probably just higher security and more trains
  18. If I were you, I'd try and read up about the switch in manufacturers, and see if it's had any negative consequences. For a brand like Arc'teryx I'm sure there's tons of people writing reviews like that. Maybe I'm just weird about shipping things off that I care about, but I'd almost always rather have a local tailor repair it, especially if that exact jacket is no longer available. But then again, its just a jacket :lol:
  19. jesus they picked the oldest fucking unit to put on that train didnt they?!
  20. Have you looked into non arteryx repair shops? I'm thinking something that expensive, would be worth paying what it would cost for someone else to fix it instead of risking them sending you a new asian one. And if you're in a large city, you should be able to find a tailor willing to work on that kind of jacket no problem. I've got a Patagonia Torrentshell rain shell, it's doubled as my wind blocker on a little over a thousand freight miles and has held up surprisingly well. I wouldn't have guessed the fabric they used to be so durable. I haven't really trusted North Face with anything except packs, as I've already got pretty much everything I need. But I can say the Northface Terra 35 is one of the best packs I've used.
  21. Yea I talked to a friend about Merrell boots because I was looking at the Moab Mids, she said they sucked because the sole came off of hers after a couple of months. That shit doesn't even happen to knockoff chuck taylors so I figured it was just a defect and ignored her advice. Best decision I ever made, as I love my merrell boots. Wear em every day.
  22. I bet it was just a defect. If a company built their 200+ dollar jackets to fall apart after one season, I doubt they would do too well... But on that note I probably should have paid more attention to the warranty when I bought it. That's one things I'm really stoked about when it comes to expensive as shit hiking clothes, there's usually an unconditional warranty, which is great.
  23. That sucks, how long had you been wearing it before that happened? It does kind of seem like they'd wear out a lot quicker than say, a carhart.
  24. Grabbed this on sale, no way I was going to pay the original 210 for it, but after using it for a while, I certainly would pay that price for a replacement. This too.
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