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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law
  2. THIS When i went to login on main screen it wouldnt actually log me in, I had to view forum as guest, click post reply to which it took me to a older login screen and here i am.
  3. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA LOL ^^ truth.. 24'd also - KIR - Great paintings man keep up the good work!
  4. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law
  5. was just creepin around and a homegirl who is out at school posted these found my favorite halloween costume of the year. DOSE TITS 'costume is half angel half devil love it
  6. Pulling hoes with that setup. pics or it never happened haha this is why people quit oontz, next boost right here, got any sweet tattoos?! and also, what do you normally wear? if that is a costume
  7. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA screw what he really needs i just cant wait to see the shit i send in some weird photos being used to lure prey animals or something. and feral dogs, i swear i've never seen feral dogs around where i live thats so crazy you found 2 packs already
  8. haha bump and thread name change to 2011? havnt shaved for 4 days, excuse the sweater live in a fridge and im at work
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