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  1. Just wondering what the songs were to that song during the intro to the burough, specifically the end track and the Staten Island intro.
  2. ^^^ kimbo wouldn't stand a chance against mike tyson even if tyson had been out of boxing forever
  3. haha that was awesome. i wonder how kimbo would do against somebody like chuck lidell or a top UFC contender fist for fist.. you can learn a lot about him on this site http://p214.ezboard.com/fkimbosliceforumfr...topicID=9.topic
  4. im wondering what the track from the beginning of the Staten Island section of SYN?
  5. i searched for it couldnt find it.. there used to be a dope interview with JA on here... about him hitting the yards in transit clothes etc etc... anybody post the link to the thread or the interview that'd be dope..
  6. over some wack person who went over vault..
  7. actually onik didn't diss any vault piece.. herb
  8. i got a .38 but i've never rocked it bombin.. ALWAYS packin a blade for when shit gets hairy out there. Phone to keep in touch with the outside world a LITTLE bit of cash so i can buy a drink or some shit.
  9. found some old pics. maine funk part 1.
  10. what is the fate of 12oz? back in the day it was a lot of well established, well known writers. alot of the ones i knew don't seem to post anymore. the forum used to be so fast moving but seems to have slowed down, and old threads are just getting bumped instead of new threads made. i was just wondering if anybody else thinks 12oz is a burning star, sooner or later to burn out completely.
  11. that's not something that people on this board can decide for you. do you want to make your mom cry everynight and bomb all the time, or do you want to quit and make your mom happy? why don't you just do what you do and don't get caught... a year of getting up might be worth a few of your mothers shed tears... or not?
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