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  1. I wish i was a respected old timer, maybe ill get there one day, dought it, but maybe. But seriuosly man, no matter how downhill this thread has gotten, if it was ever shut down, i dont know what i would do all day. seriuos man.
  2. This is why i gave up on video games. Unless its something like grand theft auto where you can run around doing anything.
  3. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: Yeah man me to, except on my list of graff buds i have there first and last name what they write and i stole all there drivers liscenses, you know incase i forgot who writes what.
  4. Only if uv recently had a criminal record, i meen i wouldnt worry about it. I cant see the police really paying a whole lot of attention to a video of some kid painting a wall anyways.
  5. I wish i knew a wierd rasta guy. I used to know this crazy midget dude who always baught me smokes tho.
  6. Is anyone else just like scrolling down the page quick looking for pictures?
  7. Man, any topic, even if it has nothing to do with anything, can go on forever on 12oz.
  8. :haha: keep forgetting about 12oz' english teacher community Quoted post [/b] Knowledge is power.
  9. I dont see how somone could possibly think tyson would even stand a chance. Bruce would like do a backflip onto him and snap his neck.
  10. Id walk around naked all the time.
  11. As a white kid, i have to agree 90% of all white people cant rap. But thats because 90% of all white kids can rap about is what there mommy and dady are going to get them for there birthday or something.
  12. ^^ man this channel zero is where its at. look at what kinda news we get i mean seriuosly.
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