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  1. 3973_OMT

    uk wall flixs

    Some Stuff From Yesterday..../
  2. the bail system works as since its first offence and i am under 18 as long as i show up to court they wont throw the book at me... i know i am fucked ne way... besides the fact i am thinkin about goin back ne way just need to get the cash... lol :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: the other person i was with is over 18 though so its gonna be bad for him.... fuck it ne way life goes on... peace .
  3. Got caught last night scribbing over 23 shop windows.... and they have it all on CCTV.... What makes it worse though is i am a american citizen in the UK..... already spent 20 hours in a cell... and the estimated fine is about 10,000 pounds.... (roughly 20,000$ ...) any legal advice would be helpful for in court but i already know i am fucked cause 90% of it is on tape.... :burn: :hatred: :burn: :hatred: :burn: :hatred: :burn: :hatred:
  4. Yo Crowe its Dyse... Hows homegrown been going? I might pop down that way and catch another sometime....
  5. Yeah it was on scaffolding......
  6. Fuck That it just seems like to much work..... Just download emule and then you can download albums at a time much easier......
  7. I liked Derby..... It was fun I wouldnt want to live there though.......
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