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  1. true all the time Tpbm has quit smoking and is gonna offer me some good advice on it
  2. Also know its late and doesn't matter at this point but massgraff on that last one
  3. Dam Medicine you not eat for a few days or something? I am having a mango apple smoothie with rooibos tea and thats going to have me good for most the day.
  4. They both love making music and do it for the fans. Plus they support a lot of people through doing shows and tours. Years ago I met an old head used to tour with the band doing various things, he told me he still got hook ups to any shows he wanted to go to anytime just cause he was with them for years. He had one of the craziest laminate collections i've ever seen, really cool dude. I'm more surprised they do things like 9 shows in 10 days, at one spot and just crush it.
  5. Yeah, hoping for the best for him but it's a wonder they have kept it going this long. Hoping bobby has a speedy recovery.
  6. What kind of threads you gonna get realism? Also are you talking the decision to graduate or the decision to go to graduation?
  7. false Tpbm thinks this is gonna be a good weekend
  8. False, luckily got that covered so me and my girl get to use the spare bedroom as an office/guest room Tpbm wants to strangle their roommates on a regular basis
  9. False Tpbm has been known to run up on a cute meter maid with flowers like hey thats my car here are some flowers don't tow it and tear up the ticket, yeah so you wanna go to dinner tonight and let me smash after? Just so they can get their meter maid hate fuck on.
  10. Dig that erase it came off super clean
  11. Bump cinco de mayo edition Today Pay rent, get some new headphones, go take some flicks and bench with a 40oz for a little bit. Pick up my homie from the airport tonight, roll through to my homies night in the city to catch up with him, grab a bottle of crown and a tank and rage life. Probably through getting some pho in there at some point today. Saturday Pick up the rental car, head over to my boys spot to hit the studio, maybe go try to paint this spot if I got time. Gonna hopefully be performing at this party i'm going to saturday night, attempt to stay sober until that point in time so I can actually perform then get fucked up and take lots of pictures the whole time. Sunday Breakfast and drinking on the beach for the day. What the rest of you got planned this weekend?
  12. on dat ass when my girl gets home from work Tpbm doesn't brush their teeth everyday Protester I'm not sure but I think that means you are way younger then I thought, also about as gangsta as you can get at 13 and smoking is this
  13. False, though I do have a 6lb pork roast I just pulled out the oven I could grub on until i got the itis Tpbm smokes lucky strike unfiltered
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