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  1. This joint is next level shit!!
  2. Teddy Boy Motherfucking Greg The Edwardian Barber
  3. Fuck Yo Couch Nigga! :lol: :lol:
  4. The WBC declared it a technical draw. Hopkins is still the WBC champ.
  5. I don't agree about Manny chewing him up, and the kid would have lost every round, thats not a good fight in my book. But whatever.
  6. Ortiz had a chance? Did you watch the 4 rounds leading up to the sucker punch? He was clearly outclassed. I'm sick of hearing this shit, Your boy did so well he landed 26 punches out of 148 in 4 rounds, and that's not so hot g. And yo out of the jabs he threw he whiffed g, 0 for 31. Hate the guy or not Mayweather was cleary outclassing this dude.
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