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  1. MOSER

    Wash DC

    all them junts. mtc. pear.
  2. MOSER

    Wash DC

    :lol: I just giggled with girlish glee when I read this. The only witness to that is my dog and he's by my side, fast asleep.
  3. i see Bear has started writing again and is now in richmond. lul
  4. the "soverign citizen" 'movement' is just a bunch of tards who like to write a bunch of legal nonsense on paper and say that it is so. No matter how you word something it doesn't make it true nor does it make you immune to the laws. Lump them in with militias/white power/tax protest/patriot/christian identity(british israelism) fucktards. Just because you make a carboard license tag that says "farm use" or whatever the fuck else you think will make you special doesn't mean a hill of beans. You don't want to live in a society with everyone else and pay taxes? Good luck putting out your own fires and don't cry to anyone if/when you get mugged or anything else.:huh: :huh: :huh:
  5. yo when i was little my friend and i were playing outside and he pooped his pants and it was orange and ran down his leg. My dad had to get a hose and spray him down. we lived in a apartment complex then so i think other people saw this happening.
  6. the fuck, i watched most of that video and for what???
  7. felon is still running after 14 god damned years goose i miss my ex-girlfriend like crazy hell yeah
  8. Fantastic selection of photographs sofa guy! If you like good music.
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