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The gulf coast is finished

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Turns out BP lied about the oil spill (go figure)

instead of 1000 gallons a day it's actually 5000 plus, and nobody has ever actually plugged a deep sea well this deep. Get ready for the worst industrial accident on American soil ever (bigger than the valdez)


so long and thanks for all the shrimp, they won't be around for the next 5 years

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Re: The gulf coast is fucked


Thing is, the valdez was just one tanker. This think will keep belching out crude at this rate pretty much forever, until they can at least make a relief well. BP has been spending only 6 mil a day on cleanup, tryig to burn it off, but they havnt been able too lately because you can't burn the oil in choppy water. They won't be able to burn at all once it reaches shore in an hour.They are talking a 100,000,000$ price tag on the relief well, and several weeks building time, an that only slows crude release. Capping it, well capping a deep sea well while active has just never been done. And of course they don't have a contingency plan

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Re: The gulf coast is fucked


Just hit the delta. Game over. Glad my boys wifey will be down there thurs and copping pounds of shrimp before it goes sky high. I fucking love gulf coast shrimp so much, it's brackish so the sand cleans that nasty vein gunk out

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