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Everything posted by earmuffs

  1. Good thing is I don’t pay for them if they don’t last.
  2. It’s a suite. this is my first pair. Usually rock ariat or double H for work.
  3. Grow a big beard, It helps.
  4. Late night smoke sesh bruh.
  5. Hattie Bs chicken
  6. He gave the box a 7.9. Could’ve went 8.1 but a little too much flop.
  7. Jalapeños are a must on almost anything. My son rocks the pepperoni and pineapple pizza.
  8. Real men drink outta the can.
  9. Thin crusts from Kroger haha.
  10. Not bad for a clear beer. But I’m pretty domesticated though.
  11. Birthday gift for the better half
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