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everyday thoughts

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what are some of the things that pass through your head everyday?:confused:


I think about joining the army, quiting the job, killing someone, what it would be like to not eat for days, being a hobo, moving to diff state


or thoughts that come and go,


delete if thread exist

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What I should do in general with my life, how can I keep my life simple, who am I going to go drink with tonight.


I used to think alot about quitting my job and hopping trains, but at this point it will probably never happen. I hate having regrets of things I didn't do.


I met a really neat girl recently, so I've been thinking alot about her and how she might fit into my life.

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A sudden silence in the middle of a conversation suddenly brings us back to essentials: it reveals how dearly we must pay for the invention of speech.

Emile M. Cioran


been thinking about that quote a lot today.



also as i sit here in the coffee shop, i've got this nagging urge to get up and take the food off of this girls plate and eat it right in front of her.

i dont know her and dont know where she is from or what she is about ..but the convo she has been having with her friend is getting on my nerves.


dunno if its the coffee kicking in combined with me skipping breakfast... but i want to say really loud as i mow down her quiche in front of her. "get over it.. i just saved you the trouble of pissing and shitting that out later."




also its fucking cold in here and muggy as fuck outside....the thought of going out to smoke a cig and then coming back in makes me nauseous

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i think constantly about the stuff i need to get done, and think about how thinking about doign something is stupider than just doing it, but i keep thinking in that same dumbass circle.


lazy/procrastinator/worrier/all in one.

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i think about:

-bills i gotta pay.

-how much herb i got left and when i can meet up with homie.

-do i need to stop and get beer on the way home or if i have some left in the fridge.

-how lucky i am.

-saving money and moving to CA... or anywhere near the beach where i can get my edjumacation finished up so as to make better money..

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-lemmie peep the facebook real quick...

-why is this lame white boy sending me a link to some new drake song..

-just as i expected... some more winey shit.. id rather listen to the new roots album i copped..

-wait.. this lil nigga never heard of the roots....? *facepalm* the fuck is up with kids these days...

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killing myself


buying a couple acres of land and starting a farm. moving to land i dont own and becoming a mountain person. shooting people for sure. how i hate the general public or people i have to deal with / please with my job. bitches aint shit cept hoes n tricks! but yeah refer back to what 50 said.


- also killingyouself is a hard thing to do, my people would not be pleased with me

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How am going to make money today.


How I can no longer have to make money.




Everyday I think about "looking forward" so I can keep moving and being positive.


How is my business doing?


How can my business make more money.


Why do people grow up so fast.


When is my Opa going to pass away.


How long before my truck is going to need workings.


I think about health often.




you know straight gangster shit is all.

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