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  1. trapdoor^ redlights^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eah5aN1JZpI&feature=related skullcrush^ hate it or love it lol
  2. Delse

    Head On!

    :jpotato: hedon
  3. :bomb: :heated: :umm: :lol: i hate when you take a huge dump and you get up and turn around to look at it , and the auto flush takes it away befor you get to see it
  4. Delse


    :ballcap: :ballcap: :) :D the sza
  5. hey 12oz freinds is this where the crazy theories?
  6. Delse


    put this together , i have beef with these fags search up on flickr for more
  7. scanner didnt work:( try and zoom in ctr + ctr - props?
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