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  1. falling asleep but i have to be somewhere in an hour. just want to nap.
  2. angry_xbox - Replied Dec 15, 2002 yo an update ..... so i was chillin wit her tonight watching some reruns of american idol she has taped (she said i look like justin lol) and i was mad pimpin in my style. yo she looked damn good to, had a nice floor length skirt on with some sweater thing .. shit was mad tight. anyways, so i think she may be down for something!!!! if it's floor-length, then it's not a skirt anymore. it's a dress.
  3. 11979470-happy-weirdo-man-on-the-phone-isolated-on
  4. well said. everyone got all fame drunk off of getting "likes." people kept it more real here.
  5. struggling. it's been an everyday thing. first night in a long time i didn't drink, my liver hurts. i need to take astep back and focus on other things.
  6. there are other accounts, but none with the level of notoriety the original account had. best week ever.
  7. got closer to katy perry's boobs than i ever will.
  8. haha great stories. that situation is the worst though.
  9. has to be a joke, has to be. either way that sums up 2015 in a nutshell.
  10. smash all, except one man banneds post
  11. you're crazy, I'd smash and tell the world.
  12. this is all just an elaborate advertisement for roxford subwoofers.
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