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  1. mr.gravytrain

    Sanuk -- anyone fuck w them?

    those things are great tunnel shoes... they dry out fast and dont get nasty..
  2. mr.gravytrain

    trailer park boys

  3. mr.gravytrain

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    id fuck that pizza... no hesitation...
  4. mr.gravytrain

    The fast food award thread..

    they probly just ground him up and fed him to a couple dozen satisfied customers..
  5. mr.gravytrain


    voter, hits
  6. mr.gravytrain

    ***Graffiti by Water****

    weekend, simon, ruler
  7. mr.gravytrain

    tics and other parasites picked up...

    the ones on me had a pattern like the bottom ones
  8. mr.gravytrain

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    in know.. CRAZY!
  9. mr.gravytrain

    The fast food award thread..

    yes.. taco bell never fails to leave us dissatisfied lol
  10. mr.gravytrain

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    i had a run in with a cholo as well CILONE/SK, but my incident was a little more on the hostile side... a buddy and i had gone to a yard downtown and ended up leaving out a different spot then we were used to.. we walked down the wrong street and caught a couple tags when some dude crosses the street in front of us and starts asking us where we were from and what crew we rep... unfortunately being a oner in the wrong part of town at 2 in the morning, he proceeded to hassle us and call back to his buddies across the street asking if he should "hit us for a lick"... we took off around the corner and dipped into the trolley station... could have gone bad real fast..
  11. mr.gravytrain

    tics and other parasites picked up...

    pretty sure one of them took advantage of the time i had to jump into the bushes to get off the rails when the amtrak rolled through. there were also a bunch of little spiders that were falling out of those bushes into my jacket and stuff... the things we do for virgin concrete...
  12. mr.gravytrain

    tics and other parasites picked up...

    they both came off easily the one on my arm wasnt latched on at all he just fell off when i messed with him... the one downstairs was smaller and harder to get off... but i was panicking and managed to get him off. fuckin A man i hate ticks. no redness as of yet tho so im feeling optimistic!
  13. mr.gravytrain

    Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

    found this camp in a tunnel under the tracks in my city.. lots of scribes on the wall some that dated back to the 40s really cool to find that ive been back a couple times to hang out and once to paint but i only paint in spots where i would not cover any of the etchings..
  14. mr.gravytrain

    Don't Call it Frisco

    last year