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  1. i haven't been on the oontz forever. just checking in. this is an awesome thread.
  2. Bang bang twitter gang. WE OUTCHEA
  3. I still wish you fought stan. That dope wore those hats that made him look like he delivered pizza part time for some hip pizza shop just for the free hats.
  4. I had to sign on to see this. This place sucks now.
  5. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU yo that girl who's fiancee is a sportscaster on nesn that's m's friend got the shit beat out of her last night by some dude. apparently, some guy cut her off. she yelled "pull the fuck over" or some shit. the dude did, got out, and broke her face. at first i was like omg. but then i lol'd.
  6. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU kid me and hater used to sit around all day and just fuck eachother up on some rick james charlie murphy shit
  7. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU and nothing beats how tight manute got when i won like 400 and he lost 20.
  8. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU at least i still drink beer in the morning. i went to twin river this morning and while i normally keep to myself, this guy next to me starts striking up a conversation about bonus games and what not. it quickly led to us screaming at our machines respectfully. it was fucking lolz
  9. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU aaaaah what a year last year was. now i'm domesticated again. spending the day exploiting the immaculate credit of my other half. hater hiding all my razors, smashed phones, 80's music, 30 racks with just 2 dudes sitting around, day time highways, swamp picking me up up at 1pm and i'm barely able to walk, the face fire, the twin river jackpot lol. shit. i should get my heart broken more. i'm a much cooler person when my life's a wreck.
  10. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU moving on...my ex used to hate you. she said "i hate that guy. he's a terrible person." i said "why?" she replied "he's a misogynist." fucking lolz
  11. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU i was referring to the simple fact that i don't care about sage francis's money. i simply don't like his music. personally, i think it's terrible and unbearable to listen too. and it's been no secret that i've been listening to thursday for years. now, i know THAT'S common knowledge.
  12. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU those are people who's bankrolls i'm jealous of. not someone who's got enough to buy a c class and a house.
  13. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU personally, i'd rather listen to thursday. i could give a fuck about sage francis and any of idiot rhyming words with the exception of young dro, trick daddy, and gucci.
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