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  1. Drinking. This place is kinda weak these days. Seems like there was always at least a few people in here at this hour bullshitting. At the very least all the aussies just starting to get drunk. Now its dead.
  2. ^^LOLZ I saw this thread title and I thought to myself, "where is feed yer ego".
  3. finish these beers in front of me, browse the interwebs, maybe work on some music. then sleep until tonight. Go to night slugs label party and rave, then go to homegirls house afterwards with friends and party till sunday daylights. She said she was buying a bunch of stuff to make fancy omelets, so that sounds alright I guess.
  4. It sucks to see a big decline in traffic, although I cant really complain as I haven't even logged in for months, maybe a year. I always considered this place to be like my local dive bar of the internet, and I say that in a good way. I've noticed a big decline in activity on numerous other forums in the last few years, so its definitely not 12oz specific. I blame FB and twitter and instagram. I guess the solution would be to post more!
  5. http://www.facebook.com/SynysterInk


    I love kratom. I usually do about 5-6 grams of the finely powdered thai variety, mixed in with some orange juice or something and shook up and slammed like a shot. It makes me feel calm and relaxed but ready to do stuff at the same time. I love doing shit like riding a bike on it, or if I have some sort of job to do like yard or house work it works great for that sort of thing. Too much is gross though, reminds me of taking a bunch of drags off a cigarette really fast.
  7. HAHAHA, same thing kind of happened when I was about 17. I lived in this semi squatter/dope house duplex with some crazy kids. Got eviction notice. Came home one day and all walls had been knocked out for fun. You could see all rooms of the house right when you walked in. All the appliances, dishwasher, fridge and stove had been ripped out and scrapped for drug and booze money.
  8. Shooting up a fat load of heroin while listening to blue oyster cults "don't fear the reaper".
  9. Theres no sharks between the bedroom and kitchen.
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