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  1. Ape Shit


    Maryland Death Fest this weekend. Anyone going? I'll be there saturday and sunday.
  2. Ape Shit

    2 Week Vegan Challenge (personal challenge)

    Was vegetarian for 7 years and vegan for 1 year. Ended up destroying my insides because of all the fiber/grains/soy and other hard to digest shit I "lived on". I go see a gastroenterologist on Tuesday to find out what the damage is. Now the only foods I can eat and actually digest are meat and potatoes with some broccoli thrown in. That's it. Listen to your body and your digestion. Your health should come first, not another animals.
  3. Ape Shit

    80's-90's MEMORIES

    eating these while watching this
  4. Ape Shit

    Personal Finance on the Back of Five Business Cards

    put this on your business card
  5. Ape Shit


    where's the upside-down cross?
  6. Ape Shit


    they must have the same costume designer as Portal. what gives?
  7. Ape Shit

    P I T T S B U R G H

    KGB crew pic?
  8. Ape Shit

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    Just finished this, and it was pretty awesome.
  9. Ape Shit

    the un official workout thread

    Convict Conditioning 2 I'm pumped.
  10. Ape Shit

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    The fuck is wrong with you? Cock and Ball Torture is the shit.
  11. Mucus in the stool is a sign of a candida yeast infection. Basically the bad bacteria in your body has taken over the good bacteria. Wheat, yeasty and fermented drinks like beer, and sugar will do that. Change your diet or be consumed by evil bacteria.
  12. Re: Constipated as hell, chugging black people like a mad man. Can't recommend this stuff enough. It'll give you the most perfect beautiful poops every single time.
  13. jansportbookbag.jpg also, AC/DC is from Australia. but that's not what's important. what's important is the awesomeness of AC/DC. my first concert was AC/DC's Razor's Edge tour when I was like 5. During "Hells Bells" they had this huge liberty bell prop that came down from the top of the stage which Brian Johnson would smack the shit out of with a mallet. Then during "Whole Lotta Rosie" they had an enormous inflatable Rosie doll that took up the majority of the stage. And during "Money Talks" fake dollar bills with Angus Young on them rained down on the crowd. I think I may still have one stored in my parents house somewhere. That concert sealed the deal for a life of rock n' roll for me. Share your awesome AC/DC stories!
  14. Ape Shit

    **Favorite song** ..again

    Short and to the point.
  15. Ape Shit


    I played with a Oujia board once. I asked if there were any spirits in my apartment. The next morning, I awoke to this little wooden sign I have hanging above my doorway that says "Ghost Crossing"on it that I stole from Jo Ann Fabrics during Halloween now laying on my floor. And that shit was nailed up there tight. That is all.
  16. Ape Shit


    explain. i stopped following them after Lucid Interval, but they were always cool dudes when i got to play with them.
  17. Ape Shit

    The " Brian Wilson funny quotes" thread

    this one's pretty good.
  18. Ape Shit

    The " Brian Wilson funny quotes" thread

    when Brian Wilson guest appeared on Full House, it was always a fun time.
  19. Ape Shit

    To deep for ch.0?

    dig a little deeper and find the "o" that's missing from the title of your thread.
  20. Ape Shit

    Tipping in the US

    I work in the service industry, and giving a shitty tip affects not only the waitress, but also bartenders, barbacks, bussers, food runners, and any other person that has to be tipped out at the end of the night. Lots of times it's the kitchen staff that is responsible for your shitty meal, not the waitress that is making a base wage of $2.83 an hour. Black people don't tip. A black family of 8 came to my work a few weeks ago. All the little kids were dressed in suits and ties and each had their own iPad to play with. They left a 2 dollar tip on a 200 dollar bill, and my friend was their server so I know they got good service. I tip my tattoo guy somethin like 25% each session.
  21. Ape Shit


    all metal is dumb, it's grown men making dumb animal noises while trying to come off as evil. who cares?
  22. Ape Shit

    Ryan Dunn RIP

    How you can eat at a time of grieving like this is just sickening.