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  1. yeah adek the man seen a freight go by sodo but it was super straight and simple not usual adek so i dont know if it was his
  2. i haven't seen chavo up for a couple quick seconds. and if that video is legit, then i dont know what to think.always thought dude was a highschooler
  3. erupto reyes myth and steel only ran for a couple days. guess nm wasn't feelin em nh/
  4. It would be cool if someone who had some old bonus uploaded some pictures
  5. i heard there is an hour interview along with dr sex in some clout issue. would anyone who has it be able to upload it on here plz
  6. hick poppin up round town nice to see that shit again
  7. Persian Rug$


    going to pick up my bike tomorrow. I'm so pumped. Hopefully everything will be good and it will ride well, but who knows. Masi bikes are fresh but I haven't seen too many posted in here or talked about. Why is that?
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