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  1. I've heard them called crawfish and crayfish... in my area we call them crawdads. I agree though.. all that work for a small amount of food... just had some a couple of weeks ago in my crab pot:
  2. I don't think we do... But I'll tell you what.. Tim Tams are fucking amazing!
  3. Upon suggesting raising the Costco hot dog prices, Costco's CEO responded by saying, "I kill you mon!"
  4. My friend made some sopapilla cheesecake.. she hooked me up with a couple of slices..i just had half a slice.... Think of if a churro and a cheesecake had a baby.
  5. Frozen concentrated orange juice... the one with Donald Duck on it. Do they even make this anymore?
  6. @fat ralphy It was actually somewhere in San Diego.. well technically National City. I found it randomly... it was weird...a hole in the wall Mexican spot that sold Filipino and Mexican fusion. But if you're coming out to Sac, message me...i know all the good food spots lol
  7. I've put on hella covid weight.. need to get my ass back to the gym
  8. The CHEAPEST I've seen it was at the Costco in Roseville, CA... even then it's $5.19...i filled up in socal for 6- something a few weeks back
  9. Watching some lady trying to slang kombucha on shark tank
  10. Chex trail mix... think of if Chex and trail mix had a baby.
  11. Weather is getting warmer.. time for a new 12oz T.... any word on new ones?
  12. Drawball is back! April fools! But reddit is doing something similar
  13. Started this about 4 days ago.. almost finished..
  14. First rule of the 12oz private jet is don't talk about the 12oz private jet!
  15. Good pizza, good convo. Thanks for kickin it @KILZ FILLZ
  16. Mister Cartoon designing pint glasses now?
  17. I have this on Cassette. I'd be happy with $50 for it.
  18. They shouldn't be allowed to reboot good shit. Karate kid didn't need to be rebooted by will smith's kid. Fresh Prince of Bel Air doesn't need to be rebooted by Will Smith. Come to think of it the underlying common theme is Will Smith. Just stop, dude.
  19. A hard boiled egg and some roasted almonds.
  20. All day! Since covid started i seem to be smashing even bigger girls now..a lot have put on that covid weight... I'm having a great time lol
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