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  1. Random memories... sure these have been mentioned.. Going to the snack bar at little league games.... Nachos, grape big league chew and bubble yum.... Bubble yum... commercial would go "6 feet of bubble gum, for you, not them" Also kind of random but anyone else remember making book covers for school textbooks out of paper shopping bags??
  2. Holy shit dude... you just jumped the 50 and 100 and went straight for the 300? Baaaaaalliiiiiiiinn!!
  3. Grooming. Motherfucking grooming. Clipping my finger and toe nails. Shaving my face. Trimming the pubes. How fun! Smh
  4. LoL.. yeah, i remember zapit guns... never got one of those either. I wonder how those would sell now. I've also wondered how super soakers would sell now. Everyone had the super soaker 50 and then the 100...i had neither. I feel as though i was robbed of my childhood. I did have grenade water balloons though lol Mom definitely nickle and dimed me
  5. Fuck fuck fuck fuck! The Asian kid named Chris down the street had this. I was like 11 years old and hella wanted one too. Saw one in the store one day... just one left. Asked mom and she said that i have to earn it with my own money. Mowing the lawn .25 cents... raking the leaves .10 cents.. taking the trash out .05 cents... washing and drying the dishes .05 cents etc etc. After a couple of weeks, i had an envelope with like $6.50 in change. Would check on it every time i was in the store. At some point i had like a cool $8... well, someone eventually bought that last fucking one. Soon after they started putting the orange tips on all the guns and my hopes of owning a battery operated uzi watergun were gone for good. I still get pissed off thinking about how i never got this as a kid. Fuck!
  6. Several months later, 5th and 6th attempts...
  7. Pizza from a place called Obo in Sacramento, CA
  8. A place in elk grove, ca...1/2 "no sleep till Brooklyn" (beastie boy reference) 1/2 "who you callin chicken"... homegirl got to it before i had a chance to flick it...
  9. Pizza from a place in town called midici pizza...
  10. 4th and final attempt... finally got it decent.. ate a lot of pizza that day..
  11. Friend's first attempt at trying to grill a pizza on a pizza stone and big green egg
  12. Pre covid pizza from pieology
  13. Still fucking the fatties! Actually it's gotten pretty out of control since covid started.
  14. Just got off work. Gonna watch the news, go to the gym, eat dinner, shower, and then go to bed. Fun times.
  15. Went to the Raiders v 49ers preseason game... Raiders lost.. but guess what, we're 3-0 in the regular season! Go Raiders!
  16. @SchnitzelHoly shit that's old!! The Capitol's Best (TCB). nice!!!
  17. I hope that cop gets a nice sharp prison shank right through his fucking carotid artery.
  18. damn....he sold out?? j/k, i would've too. how will it change the landscape? more people will get into it to make a quick buck. you will start seeing big-named podcasters also getting their content and future content bought out. but mostly people will try to make as much content as possible,...doesnt mean it will all be quality shit....look at netflix.
  19. He's in my top 10 favorite emcees of all time list... so if i were to spend money on myself, he'd be one of the cameos id purchase. I remember that cribs episode lol
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