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  1. Maryland Death Fest this weekend. Anyone going? I'll be there saturday and sunday.
  2. Was vegetarian for 7 years and vegan for 1 year. Ended up destroying my insides because of all the fiber/grains/soy and other hard to digest shit I "lived on". I go see a gastroenterologist on Tuesday to find out what the damage is. Now the only foods I can eat and actually digest are meat and potatoes with some broccoli thrown in. That's it. Listen to your body and your digestion. Your health should come first, not another animals.
  3. eating these while watching this
  4. they must have the same costume designer as Portal. what gives?
  5. Just finished this, and it was pretty awesome.
  6. Convict Conditioning 2 I'm pumped.
  7. The fuck is wrong with you? Cock and Ball Torture is the shit.
  8. Mucus in the stool is a sign of a candida yeast infection. Basically the bad bacteria in your body has taken over the good bacteria. Wheat, yeasty and fermented drinks like beer, and sugar will do that. Change your diet or be consumed by evil bacteria.
  9. Re: Constipated as hell, chugging black people like a mad man. Can't recommend this stuff enough. It'll give you the most perfect beautiful poops every single time.
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