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  1. short video series on converting surplus alice pack straps into rifle sling
  2. Only had to click on link in props box at my user cp to see this thread. Searched nintendo thread because I want to buy a wii cheap. Used to be a non sticky wii thread like the 'official' ps3 and xbox threads.I think it got lost in one of the crashes...or my advanced search skills aren't what they used to be.just searched threads with 'nintendo wii' in the title. I think you are right about the database error btw.I believe it's a simple fix but no one cares enough to handle it. Bad business imho. Take care.
  3. http://www.spankwire.com/Rachel-Starr-and-Rachel-Roxxx-POV/video174333/#commentsTag 18:00 and on holy fucking christ
  4. i guess the "official wii thread" got lost in a crash. i seem to remember one.... anyway, looking to get a cheap wii and a bunch of mario games to get back to 'fun' video games burned out on COD kinda. looking to get all the mario games for it. not sure which ones there are but mario galaxy 2 looks bad ass. any chance anyone in here has a wii that they dont use and would be willing to sell to a fellow oontzer for like $50 via paypal?
  5. sup nurgs ended up being an intestinal infection. scary shit. all good now though
  6. The milk of magnesia helped very little. I took a sick day yesterday and took a double dose of ex lax pills. Waited the 6-12 hours for them to kick in and nothing happened. Woke up this morning feeling pretty gold and even went to work planning on making a dr Appt when I got off. Then I shit some clear oily stuff at work(scary as fuck).... Googled it and it's mucus. Seems their may be a blockage which could explain the laxatives being ineffective. I left work after that and now I'm waiting for my Dr Appt I just made which is in an hour.
  7. Re: Constipated as hell, chugging black pony penis water like a mad man. The night I drank the coconut milk I shat a bunch of times thru the night. 4am, 7am, 9am etc But when I woke up yesterday I didn't have complete relief. I felt much better tho. Today I am in the worst agony yet. Hard to piss and fart. My abdomen is swollen making me look like 10 lbs heavier. Head ache, fever, zero appetite. Even a lil kidney pain which is very worrysome...I'm sore from laying around because it's so painful to do anything else. Drank about a half (small) bottle of milk of magnesia this morning and afternoon. Been some 'relief' but not enough to sway the discomfort. Unless all hell breaks loose on the shitter tonight, going to urgent care tomorrow night.
  8. Re: Constipated as hell, chugging black people like a mad man. Coconut milk worked in like 30min
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