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  1. @Magnum OPiss ok ok I see you chef.. looks fire πŸ”₯
  2. Had an opening shift today and didn't get a chance to eat at all so I went to my homegirls job to get a discount and make the first meal of the day count.. southwest salad with steak and some Brussel sprouts..
  3. @LUGR just an annoying drunk really.. also I think the mustache is hereditary to the literal extent.. one look and it's like oh yeaaaahhhhh that's definitely his son..
  4. Totally thought I responded already.. but idk it really depends tbh.. typically Northsiders are cubs fans and southsiders are sox fans but there's always those occasional handful of people who like the opposite team.. for example my buddy who had the tickets lives up north but has always been a diehard sox fan so it varies I guess.. I used to work like two blocks from the cubs stadium years ago and Jesus christ are those people a whole different breed.. so many entitled drunk white people, random homeless fights, white boys asking me to tie off their coke bag cause they couldn't do it, bar managers messaging eachother to let everyone know not to let Mike ditkas son in, it was fucking awful and hella annoying.. So yeah to say the least fuck wrigleyville..
  5. Shared the ig post yesterday and copped mine just now.. 🀘🏼
  6. @LUGR sox ended up winning the first game surprisingly enough but they lost the second game.. dropped my beer to try and catch a foul ball but it ended up falling like 3 rows ahead πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ but for free the seats and everything was awesome even tho the chicago dogs were ridiculously priced..
  7. Nah no audio.. since I saved em from my IG and there was music in them it saves with no audio for copyright reasons or whatever..
  8. @LUGR lol yeah does look weird.. to their defense those stairs were super tiny both width and height wise so it was a lil weird just pitter-patterin up and down like that the whole game..
  9. Not alot to share but I did go to the white Sox game today with some homies of mine.. buddy's aunt has season tickets and gets to go whenever he wants so we finally set it up and got to watch a double header today.. VID_66160618_162857_865.mp4 VID_66151206_223441_153.mp4 These are ripped from my IG.. seats were awesome tho besides the 20 something year old behind us which was hilarious ironically enough.. had to put them on game with talking to women as well as how their fake id's are garbage..
  10. Leftover gang 🀘🏼 Omlette with leftover shishito peppers, tomato, pepperjack cheese, honey smoked turkey, avocado and a side of toast..
  11. So, today is my birthday and I made reservations to my job for dinner by myself.. where I work at it's divided into like 4 separate rooms so I went to the "fine dining" restaurant I used to work at pre covid because after the past several months I deserve to have a nice meal to myself.. besides I've been curious about the new menu items and figured when would be a better time to go in and indulge a bit ya know.. here's everything that followed.. Beet carpaccio with rose syrup, frisΓ©e, horseradish cream and dill Chef sent out the charred shishito peppers with bonito flakes along with the Japanese popcorn chicken with cauliflower and pickled onions along side a yuzu aioli The homie recommended this over the steak.. fried pork belly with a jicama salad bao buns and a hoisin sauce with some deep fried Brussel sprouts Boozy milkshake with fernet branca and coke.. alot better than I thought it'd be since I don't really fuck with fernet.. Mochi donut with a strawberry glaze and ice cream.. A glass of Amaro to help digest everything.. Had to smoke before hopping on the train home.. legit almost on the verge of puking with how much I ate but I had so much to take home which I'm happy about cause left overs are gonna fuckin smack come tomorrow after work.. Now let the food coma commence..
  12. Got mine on Saturday and been wearing it all day.. I understand the quality raven was talking about.. definitely staying posted to every 12th of the month πŸ”₯
  13. Wait wut lol that's a thing..?
  14. Upside down banana split from Betty's ice cream.. a lil spot that two abuelitos run that's not even half a block from the crib.. always fire πŸ”₯
  15. Tails0nE

    Hawk Tuah

    Dude I don't even like trucker hats but that white one is kinda fire..
  16. Do the funnels come included with the vip package or do we need to supply our own..?
  17. So I have two pictures to share.. first one is what my coffee table was looking like the other day.. I bought thay Seth Rogan ashtray set and it came with a vase that ive never used.. since im in the new spot I figured let me put something in there why not.. so I ended up getting some carnations cause they stood out and reminded me of someone.. Then my dumbass knocked it over the next day and broke the fucking thing... πŸ˜’ so I bought another set.. for now.. they're sitting in a deli.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Also, more importantly, any recommendations for plants for an apartment? I smoke weed pretty regularly so I seen some random plant things online about certain plants helping prevent dust, help the air quality and such but I'm a super n00b in this regard..
  18. On break right now for this last minute double I decided to grab.. closed rhe bar last night and my coworker said she had to open today.. "well... I mean you don't haaaaaave to if you don't want to ya know πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ" so she ended up sending the shift to me at like 1am, got approved at 7am, so I basically slept for a couple hours and now I'm here till 930 or so with 5 events happening today... Kinda regret it a tad bit.. but I'll be fine come next paycheck πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
  19. In the same kind of ordeal as well.. I definitely need to grab some Palo Santo or something for this new apartment of mine as well since it is indeed a new beginning for me.. just been caught up with work and buying necessities for the new space so I've just been lighting my nag champas and weed for the mean time.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Keep us posted on how everything works out my dude
  20. Shit mainly for the new crib.. this couch I really wanna get that way I can toss this futon out finally.. after some measuring i did the couch will end up sticking out a bit, but since it's modular I was thinking of taking those first 3 ottomans, putting one on each side of my coffee table for guests and the third under my desk as a foot rest when I do sit in my chair and game or whatever.. then just slide it all back together when I wanna knock out.. the rose rug I just thought would be cool next to my shoe rack for whatever shoes I'm wearing that day to sit there ya know.. The last thing is cool but pricey as fuck.. that company fools paradise or whatever makes these vinyl figurines and I thought this would be dope to have.. Leon the professional/super Mario mash up.. they had another one but in the style of pulp fiction where peach was Mia Wallace and Mario was Vincent vega but that shit sold out quick.. also.. realistically.. I don't have anywhere yet to put this shit and if I were to pull the trigger let alone have 500 bucks to drop on it also.. It's nice to dream tho.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
  21. Finally got around to making a sammich today since it's my first day off I can actually have to myself with nothing to do.. not only that it's basically the first real thing I've ate all day as well as the first thing I technically made in the new spot.. pizza rolls don't count... Ingredients are as follows.. uncured ham, honey smoked turkey breast, pepper jack cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, avocado, Boston lettuce, bread and butter pickles, kewpie mayo and some artisanal bread since i couldnt find my normal brioche... So I ended up toasting the bread but I used the mayo instead of butter.. kewpie mayo is the goat idc what anyone says.. so I toasted both sides of the bread, made a couple strips of bacon I had to cut in half to fit in the pan and as that was going I thought about how to layer this bad boy.. so I threw down 3 slices of ham first, cheese followed, turkey on top of the cheese.. then I put down the tomato and since these pickles were kinda tiny I just layered them on top of the tomatoes.. followed by the lettuce, bacon strips and avocado on the top layer.. Little cross section action.. got fancy and even wiped the plate too.. I have like a little less than half a bag of those turbos flamas chips so threw a lil on the side for a crunch but also for a little kick of heat.. plus these have a very slight hint of lime on them which was nice.. the pickles and avocado made this alot better than I expected and the pickles weren't too sweet neither.. the little kick from the chips were basically the sprinkles on the sundae if you will and were the perfect side for this.. also the store didn't have any cold topo Chico so mineragua will do.. Cheers gentlemen 🍻
  22. I should probably start looking into life insurance myself tbh.. son is about to be 11 and I keep finding more gray hair than I'd like to.. Also wifi 6..? Is that why I have a little 6 icon next to the wifi logo on my phone...? Huh.. didn't know that was a thing.. I have xfinity and they hooked me up with a new box since I moved and tbh I haven't had any issues since.. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Fuck at&t tho..
  23. Copped one 🀘🏼 now the waiting game begins...
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