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  1. preciate the feed back my dudes.. and yeah i think i am just taking it to the chest for some weird reason and overthinking it too much.. just gonna let em know whats up and test the waters for the holiday season.. either way if shits wack i can go right on into the other room but for now i can absofuckinglutely take some extra cash to achieve some short term goals of mine for the time being.. party on wayne..
  2. this new drake and josh reboot is kind of depressing...
  3. General question I figured would be best placed here.. The other day I was offered a promotion of somewhat at my job.. essentially an event supervisor, meaning I'd be the face of the parties that the host would greet and talk to, making sure food goes out on time and in order and assisting in taking drink orders if there isn't a beverage package available.. higher hourly, higher tip out but I'd stay in the room I'm in now instead of going to the fine dining restaurant in the same hotel.. wouldn't mind the extra cash for sure but I do wanna get behind the bar back in the fine dining spot (as everyone does).. was given the option to test the waters for the holidays and see how I like it but I'm indifferent about it tbh.. I do wanna be in the other room, BUT, I don't wanna be stuck in the industry neither.. my whole idea was to get behind the bar to make some extra cash, cut myself down to 4 days and invest in this voice over work and have 3 days off to 1, do the voice over work I'd get and 2, have some extra time with my boy when I get him from his mother.. I mean I could do it and stack some extra cash for the time being.. maybe I'm just bugging and taking it the wrong way idk.. just also funny why these people don't take the initiative to do some pre set up for these big ass parties we get which imo is second hand and obvious rather than running around for an hour and a half setting up all frantically.. but hey if you wanna pay me more for having common sense the fuck it.. What say yous guise..? Take the position? Get back behind the bar? Am I typing too much? Most likely...
  4. Pretty high heading into work on the good ol' cta... Got two parties I gotta take care of today but at least it'll be easy...
  5. Currently... The music video is what got me..
  6. After that we headed to a local dive bar, found out an old coworker/homie of ours is in town from PR so we had to get up with him.. kind of also invited ourselves to this Korean BBQ joint he was going to with some more of our old coworkers but they were totally down and the shit was equally as fire as the tacos earlier in the day.. walked forever and a day to the homegirls crib to wait for more friends then onto another local dive bar for more drinks.. Awesome taxi number Believe it or not these Pringles were actually pretty fucking good not gonna lie.. Made a new friend from the motherland also whos flying back today.. told me to hit her up whenever I land in PR sooooo I think it's bout time I take a vacation back to the homeland ifyaknowwhatimean... Aaaaaaaannd scene...
  7. These fuckin tacos dude... 20210718_194851_01.mp4 VID_126160208_123140_642.mp4
  8. Had an eventful day yesterday that turned out to be awesome.. got up with my cousin and went to this birria taco pop up one of my homies has been doing all throughout covid and holy fucking hell was it delicious.. fuck around and call off work just to go to the next one.. this is how the day started off..
  9. Finally made a burger from my bob's burgers book I got for Xmas.. I present to you, "Papaya Was A Rolling Stone" burger.. mango papaya salsa with siracha mixed into the ground beef.. the salsa has red onions, papaya, mango, avocado, cilantro, mint, orange juice and cayenne pepper.. overall pretty sweet and slightly spicy.. I added some chipotle aioli and a a lil bit of siracha on the top bun to add a bit more heat.. pretty delicious, kind of wack execution.. gonna make the patties a bit more smaller next time so the salsa can sit a bit better but not too bad for a lazy first crack at it...
  10. basically me in cartoon form..
  11. Such a banger lowkey.. can't help it.. plus I'm sure alot can relate..
  12. Uzi is wack for sur BUT I do give him props for legit just being himself.. even if he comes off as a weirdo or whatever in an industry where image is everything and everyone's image is the same fucking thing I like how he just sticks to himself I respect it.. he's still wack tho that doesn't change a thing.. Playboi Carti can burn in a dumpster fire with his entire catalogue.. that whole lotta red bullshit album feels like a 4chan troll album it's so fucking god awful.. compared to others legit the absolute worst fucking thing I've ever heard in a long time.. sooooo fucking trash... Also I don't get the hype behind coi leray.. she's super wack also..
  13. There's honestly alot of em it's gonna be kind of hard to narrow it down to just 5..
  14. Why does the dude on the left in that last pic look like the dad from that 70's show..?
  15. Also how do y'all feel about Isaiah Rashad? I fuck with him but sometimes that mumbling shit is annoying imo..
  16. Word.. they haven't been super on it like that honestly my manager just kind of nonchalantly asked the other day like "hey did you get vaxed yet?" Like nah haven't had time to really, which is true.. "oh for sure no worries i mean it's up to you just remember you get that hundred bucks ya know.." like meh... A hundred bucks ain't shit to me honestly.. If everything works out and they fix whatever shit is going on with these cases of inflamed hearts then sure whatever.. but as of now I'm like a strong 75-85 percent naaaahbruh..
  17. And just for shits and giggles here's a dope track that actually samples that exact song I'm listening to...
  18. Currently on track 3.. Hiroshi Suzuki - Shrimp Dance..
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