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  1. SIL has rona. Diagnosed yesterday.
  2. I came in here to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I see this and start to get bummed out. I felt this way once, and still do about what it's turned into, but the spirit is still there. Maybe go serve at a soup kitchen during the holidays? That's the real spirit of Christmas. Not packages with pretty bows.
  3. I'm a libertarian. Still. I know. Joe Biden. Lol. He looks like a broken old man who barely knows where he is. You know who looks like far leftists to me? The Squad. Except Alex. She's fallen in line now. No Oontz for the kid? Just remembering some of the shit we've talked about that is probably for the best. Again: I'm happy that you're still around, DAO.
  4. Yep. TikToker perms are 2023s TPFW. I do. I bet DAOs kid would have a blast reading his dad's posts and arguments. He's probably even more progressive than DAO and I bet the arguments between father and son are Oontzer's wet dream DAO arguments. Something along the lines of DAO really likes the Biden Admin and his son is really far left and even Antifa is too conservative for him. What I meant is that people today talk about diversity but here we are decades into one of the most diverse cultures that exists. We have the whole spectrum of humanity in graffiti from wealthy kids in Hollywood to dirt poor kids in Sao Paolo all interacting and able to talk shit to each other without being so butthurt that they run and make a video about it.
  5. Kids today could use some homo dungeons and cheeto feet. They got soft.
  6. It's funny how much I ended up really liking people like DAO, Seeking, etc. whom I used to argue and fight with constantly. Lots of good memories here with a whole lot of really good people. I think about most of you old heads quite a bit.
  7. I have fond memories of all of you and being here feels good. Lots of love, Me.
  8. lord_casek


    Shoe thread! I just picked up some Etnies. I'll shoot them later.
  9. I truly appreciate the kind words. It was less about my armor and more about one person ruining the experience for me.
  10. It was just one person. Not going to talk shit about him, though.
  11. Game theory says Russia only wants the Eastern side of Ukraine with the middle being a DMZ type buffer. You're right on about the money; Anything like this is going to be a moneygrab.
  12. Happy New Year Oontzers. Be a little kinder to people in 2022. This bullshit is hard on all of us.
  13. I get it. It is funny to mock Preying Medic. Dave is a fucking grifter piece of shit. So are a ton of those people. We didn't need fucking "decoders". What the original "Q" talked about was in plain English. All of you- Spy games are very real and happen every damn day. From Iranian propagandists on Reddit to Hezbollah using Anime to propagandize and recruit with. I mentioned it above, what they did to Assange. That was revenge for leaking Company secrets. Look at what they did to President Trump. You think he could just walk up in the CIA and give a speech about fucking 5th columns to their faces and get away with it? There was a massive deployment of IC dirty tricks on him. This world is a lot different than people realize.
  14. And why do you think they have to go after a group of grifters instead of addressing the content of the posts made by the person or persons who identify as "Q"? Have you seen any article talking about the content of what "Q" was actually posting about? I haven't. I've seen shit about JFK Jr. that wasn't there. I've seen shit about aliens that wasn't there.
  15. PrayingMedic is a grifter. I don't know who AP is. Probably also a grifter. When do we get to the part about Q being wrong? I am familiar with AwakenedOutlaw. Still not Q. Again, I see followers and grifters, like Julian's Rum, who I do know. Still not seeing Q. Just Anons. Okay, this is dumb. I'm not commenting on the rest of my scrolling. What a shit thread. Why not go over the Q posts? Those are pretty darn interesting.
  16. Part of it was CIA. There were a lot of people who took control of that account. A lot of agencies. Foreign and domestic. How else are you going to discredit a leaker? Remember what they did to Assange for publishing CIA documents on Vault 7? They sent two fucking women in to fuck him and then accuse him of rape. Smear job like a motherfucker.
  17. Plenty of good self defense vids here https://www.youtube.com/funker
  18. Back in early November I caught a really bad cold, or possibly CV-19 again. I got some Ivermectin and it cleared up most of the major symptoms within a couple of days.
  19. Heard a lawyer talking about it last night and said it was dumb and emotional to charge the parents. I don't know. They weren't responsible for certain, but is that a crime in and of itself? It looks like there were warning signs all over the place and no one did the right thing. I don't even know what the right thing is. Pre-crime is fucked up, but maybe someone could have intervened before this got to the point where he brought a gun to school?
  20. I agree. His relationship to Floyd or lack of doesn't change what he was doing.
  21. I guess I got my question answered as to who failed him. His parents and authorities in and out of his school failed him.
  22. You have to keep in mind that there are two different BLMs. One is just people who want change and don't particularly subscribe to the politics. These are the peaceful protesters who just march around and bullhorn sometimes, addressing the crowd. The second side of BLM is the more aggressive side. "Good BLM" can be seen in a lot of the old broadcasts trying to keep people from burning, looting, etc their neighborhoods. They're the ones who truly want their voices heard and know destruction isn't the way.
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