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  1. Who shit in the money machine?
  2. I'll play your silly little game, but I've been taking benadryl and GABA to knock me out at a reasonable time. I'm sure I'll be in this thread a lot. Woke up at 4:30 (for no reason) this morning and worked on my follow focus on my gimbal. Fun times.
  3. I love the idea of the double bottle with propeller.
  4. I think you're attacking it properly. There is a happy medium for all involved, present and future.
  5. It's the culture we're in now. I've felt it and am guilty of it, too. Things change. I spent five years being called all kinds of horrible things that I'm not. I re-payed those calling me names by calling them things that they aren't. It spreads poison and divides and it doesn't stop until one of the parties realizes what a hamster wheel it is. Call me pro censorship. I've been called worse. I won't return the favor. Look at how it's dividing and nothing has even been done. Over an idea. I don't even have any power to do any of this. I can't call Raven and say "enact these rules!". So silly.
  6. I think I should remind you that Crossfire was added to the site because people like me, Theo, AngelofDeath, and some others kept clogging up Channel Zero with political discussion. That probably never should have happened. This isn't a political site. There are plenty of places for that. Whole sites filled to the brim that you can agree with people or argue people in. Politics ruins everything. Have your views. I have mine. I'm just not going to advertise them anymore because it pushes away people, things, opportunities, etc. I have places to go if I want to argue or agree or just let loose and laugh about stupid shit. I come here to be with like-minded creatives with a shared experience(s).
  7. They're a trap. You should make a thread about how the addiction started. Might help out some younger members.
  8. I've been thinking about this push for new rules and more structure a lot and I think I have a solution. I think that everyone is overthinking this and a ground base of rules need to be set, but it needs to be basic. No Racism No Doxxing Arguments should be moderated by level headed members (I'll expand on this) and if not resolved should be taken to PM by request of a moderator or by force of a moderator (moderation actions) No pirated materials No spam. Expansion of "arguments"- We're the adults now. We should be setting examples for the younger members. The older members should be taking lead on moderating (without the mod tools). Moderators should be second line, and Admin third and final line (it should never come to this step). Just having a political section invites the Karens we don't want. I enjoyed it once upon a time when I was argumentative and hard headed, but those days are over. All of us still like to have fun and break balls. That is part of what 12oz has always been, part of graffiti culture, and part of life. Adding too many rules could have an opposite affect and smother the site instead of building upon it. Don't overcomplicate things. KISS.
  9. Go get yourself some Kratom and try to stay away from suboxone. Plenty of people who get addicted to that shit, too. You should be able to find it at a local head shop. You've got this. Just don't go back to that poison.
  10. https://youtu.be/nGXxHAj_IL8
  11. You're over the toughest part. Have you tried Kratom to ease the withdrawal or are you just going straight without any help?
  12. I'll give my 2 cents- I kind of like the idea of structure. As much as it might bother me to some extent and others a little more, I don't want the politics section to exist anymore. Politics ruins everything from relationships to friendships to comedy and so on. Don't overdo it with rules, but don't underdo it, either. To all of you, excluding Raven; This is Raven's baby. He's watched this shit grow from a damn catalog to a magazine to a forum that we call home. You've got projects and things that you love as much as he loves this place. Let's show him some respect and try to make it work. He gave us this place for free.
  13. So maybe we get a loose plan of action together? Populate the photo threads, maybe bench a little to give metalheads and brickslayers a push, and whatever else we can give a push?
  14. I've never touched Cinema4d. I know it came with After Effects, but I dropped my AE subscription a couple of months ago. Not worth $25 a month to just use 3d camera tracking. We need to have lunch again. GTX 1660 Super on an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 running 32 GB of ram. It does what I need it to do for editing 4K video.
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