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  1. Oh, hey, this thread is still going!
  2. So.....I went with: Aussie lamb (leg steaks), swiss mushrooms, onion, spring onion, prosciutto, gouda cheese, seasoned with s & p, rosemary, parsley, basil, dijon and wholegrain mustards. So good, this will become a regular thing. An awesome Australia Day breakfast!
  3. Re: What is the best part of your day? / Beer in the shower appreciation thread...(post pi Accomplishments. Whenever I finish something I've set out to do. No matter how small.
  4. That is fucking amazing!!!!! Thanks for the pics! Mini ones sound like a great idea. Duck!! I'm thinking lamb leg steaks. Shit so many possibilities.....def doing this! 24d
  5. USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 866 (67 members and 799 guests) Sup cunts.
  6. Soup...read Hayek. Decy/fist.....your understanding, and that of the general popular media, regarding the underlying causes of the gfc is flawed. I'll try to post some links later.
  7. Participatory economics in my opinion discounts the fundamental issue of human nature and individuals. Democratic planning can only really work if everyone buys in. It is not a bad model as such, but it does not scale to millions of people and the complex world we live in. This thread shows the diversity of individual opinions and values. Multiply that by 10000000. Free market ftw.
  8. Anyone been to Cuba? And general thoughts on South America? I'm thinking a few weeks around Dec/Jan. Solo. Taking smallish backpack only.
  9. I click the ads, wear fitteds, tag PSYCHO, <3 Taylor Swift, and SWAG SWAG erryday. I am the 1%
  10. No experience, but I don't think it would be significant enough to do that. He's probably pulling your leg because they get up to shady shit when they're out to sea. He would rather have you involved in degrading initiation ceremonies, than watching movies.
  11. Yeah, post pics when you're done.
  12. This is a blunt point, but its true. You CAN move into a position of power, influence, and wealth. Governments and corporations are run by people. Ordinary people. Sure some inherit their positions, but they're in the minority. How do you think the Googles, Nikess, McDonalds of thr world come to exist? How do you think people come to influence public policy? Is it maybe because they work in local, state, federal government organisations. I'm not trying to sound like a dick here. But the freedom Americans treasure so much allows you to do all these things.
  13. Fist......wealth is in no way guaranteed or protected. You can blame CDOs and other derivative financial products and their role in the gfc, along with a handful of wall st bankers. But what about the millions of ordinary American households that took on debt they couldn't afford? The whole crisis in 2008 actually has roots in the tech bubble of the 90s. That's how complex this whole economics thing is! Blaming wall st is useless, because they are a minor part of the problem. Why did people buy mcmansions they couldn't afford...a status thing, irrational psychological reasons. The point I'm trying to make is that these things need to be looked holistically, not picking on one component. CEO salaries have little to do with it
  14. If you don't own or have shares in these private/public companies, why would you care about executive pay?
  15. Firstly, no one really cares, your problems are not important. Secondly, do whatever the fuck you want to do.
  16. Zig....Lol on what basis can you agree with 11? What happens when debt builds up again in a century....we start all over again? Do you understand the function of money? It's merely a medium for exchange. Debt will exist in society regardless.
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