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Everything posted by andyoner

  1. Anyone know any good videos off the top, taken place in winter/snow in NYC?
  2. -Virginity -Friends -Shoe -Sunglasses -Girlfriend -Bags -Camera -Hat -Car to be continued...
  3. 7:00 am in VIC CBD Yorkshire tea, builders.
  4. Call an electrician, Your door's fucked! -Ari White
  5. Spliff & TV About to seek decent bar, alcohol/women.
  6. Not sure if getting sick, or allergies... gaaaaaay
  7. Yeah get the fuck out of here, burnout.
  8. So i just bought a mint condition Minolta Hi-matic AF2 off ebay. I'm not a camera wiz or anything. Just needed a decent camera that took cool snaps while im out at night etc. Any recommendations on films to use in them? preferably BW
  9. Snakes On A Cunt Cunt in Cunt out A day without a cunt Finding cunt Madagascunt Baby Cunt ...This is stupid
  10. And here's this for other entertainment.
  11. This video JUST hit the web.. What appears to be a street fight between three unknown men is now turning into a worldwide discussion. The video features someone who looks very similar to Chi-town rapper Kanye West, and two unknown cameramen. With Kanye’s recent legal problems with an LA paparazzi, and his not guilty plea for assault on the pap in question, this video hit the web at the wrong time. Check out the footage below & you decide if that’s really Ye or not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKmU6F42dnM
  12. Been drinking for 11 hours straight and have a headache
  13. Wondering if i should go to the bar and drink with friends and do free drugs. Or stay in fancy new home and drink alone. hmmm.... Leaning towards drugs, cause the lady is pissing me off
  14. Eating codeine pills like fucking skittles
  15. I'm joining Puttin' my gold Cazal's and kangol on right meow
  16. Thats right. Idk why i had that in my head, but yeah.
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