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Oldest registration date on 12oz?


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So after seeing a few OG members migrate their way back onto 12oz, in some cases after being gone for months or even years, I'm wondering how OG its gotten since we resurrected out of the 12ozProphet Dark Ages?


Suppose my registration date is as old as it'll get at May 7, 1999. Besides me who has the oldest registration date out of those still alive and kicking?


Anyone still in touch with any old school members that can nudge them to hop back on?


Also, if anyone is locked out of an old account, we're finally able to recover any of them, so email info@12ozprophet.com if you're reading this and having issues or pass it to whoever you know that gave up on trying to login to dysfunctional broken oontz.

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I abandoned my original name (registered in 2000) and several others since and I'm glad as I said some really, really stupid shit that I don't necessarily want linked to my adult life.


Shame on you Raven for keeping this forum going and letting 16 year olds create an eternal monument to their stupidity...

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I had my rap letter screenname around 99-04(maybe earlier) but lost that password during my cross country move (left my computer behind.) There was a big community back then.


I lurked for a year or two before creating this name, and much to DAO's disappointment, this is my only screename.


Odd thing is another "DrueDown" registered a couple months before me in '04 and only posted a few times.

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my original account was 2002 i think, then i got a new one around 2004 but i got shut out of it after trying to reset my password, set this up one in a bid to finally be able to log in and post again and since a few weeks before the new forum i could get back in.


now i'm stuck with my noob status, haha.

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