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  1. I follow a few oontzers too, Ski Mask Boris is hands down my favorite. There used to be a IG follow thread we should revive.
  2. In Chicago, I needed at least 4-6 keys for my apartments, plus a half dozen other keys for daily life. I no longer carry any keys, I enter my home via garage.
  3. Drue_Down

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    Pinnacle Peak. On the far right: (Yellow roof) condos being built in place of an Italian restaurant where I got married 🤬 On the far left: on the other side of the little rocky hill is Reatta Pass, the cowboy street where they filmed the final showdown in Raising Arizona. In the 80s it was just desert 🌵 now the area is sprawling with multi-million dollar mansions, golf courses, and a Four Seasons. 💰💎💵
  4. Drue_Down

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    Living my whitest life possible in Beaver Creek: IMG_4109.MOV Also my brother & I being the brokest lowlifes on the mountain (by comparison 💸)
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