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  1. Listen to the bitch, Brad!
  2. Sitting through little league, holding back my desire to punch my son’s overaggressive coach who never made it to the minors. I’m scanning the crowd for people openly &/or candidly drinking (wifey & I use thermal flasks, fucking rookies.) There’s also milfy eye-candy. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.
  3. Nah, B, I don’t hit that shit on the rag.
  4. I’ve been rolled by Chicago PD at least a half dozen times for being white in a parked car in a black neighborhood. Was I up to no good? Yes. But fuck off anyway, pig, I know what I’m doing. #90sWiggaProblems
  5. Here’s a softball, but a harder pic. I’ll post the easier ones if needed.
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