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  1. Yes! I unfollowed him a while back as he killed my IG feed taking pictures of his screen of old NYC graff, shit was annoying. Time to check up on Cuzzy Cuz! #LilWheezyVersaceRolexWhyInTheHellDoesTimDogKeepFrontinElroyCohenGetsTheGasFace
  2. Drue_Down

    hand painted signs

    What is Chandigarh?
  3. Drue_Down

    >>>>>>>>>New years plans?!

    When I was in my 20s, I started going to a different city every year w/ friends, ensuring that I travel (not that it was ever a problem then.) I wanted it to evolve to visit a city I've never been to each year, ensuring that I see the World. That dream died when I had kids: Now the wife and kids go to bed well before midnight. I get drunk and watch football, and try no to shart myself. I should start the new year off with jerking off to a new kind of porn every year.
  4. Drue_Down

    The Nonsense thread

    Gets caught Dust Bombing ... "Do you even know who my father is, br0?!"
  5. Drue_Down

    I'd pay like $15 for 12oz App

  6. Drue_Down

    The Nonsense thread

  7. Drue_Down

    The Nonsense thread

  8. just make your own tags on teh drwballz
  9. Drue_Down

    The Nonsense thread

    Hans, *bubby*, I'm your white knight.
  10. Drue_Down

    happy toilet day, mother- and unclefuckers

    Do it proper, dirty fuckers.
  11. Drue_Down

    Just the tip...

    I tip everybody
  12. Drue_Down

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Netflix, then 'bate
  13. Drue_Down

    The Nonsense thread