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  1. Flagstaff, AZ 78 breezy & sunny
  2. fortnite needs sex. I am an 11 year old boy who often⏱ fantasizes about sex I want sex I am virgin . fortnite sex could help me♂ have real sex please epic games 🕹 give me sex I am very lonely please epic games what must I do to see Ariel assault trooper have their black round cheeks clapped by agent peely like damn give me upvotes and awards so fortnite sex is made real.
  3. I thought “Bury me a G” proved Tupac was a flamer. Which other rapper do you think he rimmed?
  4. I’ve rewatched this show 4-5 times this past year.
  5. New Neighbor is having a drive by birthday party. Free Shave Ice truck parked in front of my house. I know her, but none of her friends. The social distancing lasted about 10 minutes, then Covidiot mingling commenced. This is technically illegal in our county / city right now.
  6. Put a speaker facing out the window and blast death metal
  7. The Big Lebowski The Red Balloon The Matrix Titanic Inception The fountain pens are driving me mad, I know I know it. I was thinking the wall hook is Very Bad Things, but that’s a stretch:
  8. Cusack walked out 20 minutes into the BOD premiere, it was too zany for him, but he was locked into a 2 movie contract with Holland, so he was forced into making One Crazy Summer. @Hua Guofang
  9. @Hua Guofang I grew up a few blocks away from the Cusack family, John Hughes filmed most of his 80s movies in my area. I basically grew up in Shermer Illinois, that era, those actors (brat pack) and those movies mean infinitely more to me than they do for other fans. BOD & One Crazy Summer (Savage Holland) are not Hughes movies, Cusack to this day still hates them, but they are two of my all-time favorites.
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