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Everything posted by Drue_Down

  1. Where Vanilla Ice rides into town on a crotch rocket with no luggage, stays for a few days and changes outfits a dozen times. 🤣
  2. Yup 👍 It’s on YouTube for those who that haven’t seen it.
  3. @Fist 666I have a lot to say about that too.
  4. In the 90s before technology caught up, I’d replace (favorite) CDs for friends that I knew were damaged or stolen. Few things sucked worse than buying a $17.99 CD you already once owned.
  5. It’s because she looks a terrified hostage exercising against her will to please her husband.
  6. Make sure the peas bag is also in a ziplock, one bag melted and the peas peed on me. i didn’t get a pain killer prior, I got prescribed a Valium. I had male doctor and a female nurse, they worked simultaneously. I looked up at the ceiling, at one point I saw a little smoke and freaked out. They kept talking about football with me, STFU and snip my shit already, so I can get my scripts.
  7. There’s plenty of cucks in the world who dream of this scenario: cock cages, humiliation, verbal abuse, dominance, perhaps even forced feminization - I bet she gets lots of applicants. The internet is a vast universe of wonder and infinite debauchery. Fap on, my friends.
  8. Where to begin clowning this sponsored ad.
  9. Nah, looks like an Alpha or some other piece of Italian garbage.
  10. Some rambunctious, young rapscallion has been slapping these all over my neighborhood.
  11. I can get two of the passes: Coyote X, a Manta Montage (McClaren-style kit car) from the show Hardcastle & McCormick. BJ & The Bear, from the era when driving trucks, talking on CBs, co-staring with chimps, and being country as fuck was apparently cool.
  12. Nothing really changes, your testicles still produce sperm, it just doesn’t shoot out with the semen - which remains the same, but hazy in color versus filled with swimmers. Plus the added bonus of no condoms, and your girl isn’t as bat shit crazy as she is on BC.
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