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  1. Went to a show the other night and saw this. Was a lil stoked not gonna lie.
  2. Drawing throws mindlessly on eggshells like a meditation, trying to keep the ol brain quiet.
  3. Update: lost the girlfriend, been painting almost every night since. Guess she did me a favor in the end. Still sober, mainly just out of spite. But I've been sober out of spite for years, shit works.
  4. Glad to see this shits still here. Logging in for the first time in a minute on this account I made in high school cuz I'm fuckin 30, I'm broke, my fuckin years long relationship is burning, I'm fuckin 4 years sober and still angry and unhappy, so I'm thinkin 'man. maybe I should start bombing again.' I mean why the fuck not.
  5. Posting on Ch.0 for the first time in like a decade, holy shit this is still here?!
  7. what the fuck when did the new forum change happen? I've been out of touch apparently...
  8. Finally back in civilization and my old broken laptop decided to start working again after 6 months! Good to be back, don't know how I went nearly a year without all this NONSENSE. I even brought back a gift; Man rams car into gas station; steals banana then leaves NEWINGTON, Connecticut (NEWS CENTER) -- The Newington Police Department responded to the Citgo Gas Station located at 502 Cedar Street at 1:48am on January 8 for a report of an active burglary alarm. Upon arrival on scene, officers discovered extensive damage to the north entry doors which appeared to have been caused by a motor vehicle. No suspects were located at the scene. Review of surveillance video depicted a suspect, operating a light colored Ford Freestyle stationwagon with Connecticut registration plates, backed into the store entrance door several times creating an opening in the glass. The suspect, identified as a black male wearing a dark jacket, dark pants, and a brown hat, then entered the store. The male was not wearing a mask and made no attempt to conceal his identity. The suspect selected a banana from a shelf, peeled and ate the fruit, and then exited the store. No other items were taken during the burglary. The suspect fled the scene in the above mentioned vehicle which incurred damage to the driver side rear bumper and tail light. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact the Newington Police Department at (860) 666-8445. http://www.wcsh6.com/news/watercooler/article/267337/108/Man-rams-car-into-store-to-steal-a-banana
  9. Yeah I've been sorta updating a Flickr but it's rare, I don't generally have internet. http://www.flickr.com/photos/93771326@N03/ I too would like to hear more about the weed harvest stooge fest. Cali is somethin else.
  10. Thought I'd update this, even though I'm sure no one really cares. I managed to nab a job at a lodge in the Sierras right outside of Yosemite. It was the best thing I've ever done with my life and I find myself very happy. My job is extremely hard, bussing in their fancy restaurant, but it's far better than my last one. I'm leaving at the end of the season, either with an amazing girl I managed to find myself, or a car bought from my friend, to continue the adventure. Phase one went off without a hitch, and thanks for all the advice oontz! Really glad you warned me against WWOOF and the like.
  11. Right now finishing off Skinny Dip, the first book I've received as a gift in years (also the best gift I've received in years) Next up is two old favorites:
  12. Woman drives for 900 miles instead of 90 thanks to gps error EDIT: GPS error their words not mine. I definitely don't blame this on her GPS.
  13. Holy shit this thread took off. Is it just me or is 12oz starting to exceed speeds of dripping pitch again? Anyway sorry for the no reply, I was hiking. Firstly, I believe myself cut out for the work, I was raised on a farm and spent a considerable portion of my childhood working for nothing more than 'the roof over my head' (which isn't unreasonable). My parents also recommended the North Dakota oil fields (my stepmom being from Fargo), though I think that may be a bit too much for me. I know better than to try to join the Humboldt pot harvest, my cousin did it and had some pretty awful experiences. I'm thinking my best bet is WWOOF, although I'm mildly worried about getting stuck somewhere seeing as my parents are far too poor to provide any kind of financial assistance, even in an emergency. And as someone said, I am entirely prepared to spend a lot of time camping. In fact, that's the main reason I want to do it. Currently I live in San Francisco (minimum wage 10.24) and work a dead-end food service job. I support myself entirely and have been for a few years. I work very hard but living in such an expensive place is seeming less and less feasible to me. I'm really beginning to fucking hate this place, which sucks because San Francisco is so cool. Anyway, thanks for all the advice. I've been meaning to drop KIR a line, seeing as this is his area of expertise. Does anyone have any experience with WWOOF they'd like to share? EDIT: And no selling drugs or anything of the like, I've already got one strike.
  14. Hey 12oz, so I've got a question I think some of you may be able to help me with. I'm looking to get the fuck out of the city I live in and move around the country for a little while. I figure my best option, because I'm dead broke right now, is to jump from different seasonal-type jobs that provide room and board. I've managed to line up a possible job in Yosemite, but nothing beyond that. Any of you have experience doing this? Know any websites or resources for finding work like that? Any tips or assistance would be appreciated.
  15. Oh god I hope this isn't a typo, that's hilarious
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