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  1. you could come to skyscrapercity??? we can make a little graffiti thread for you and everything?
  2. ugggg, sorry guys, the cul and fabian thing has tainted ozscrapers ever since they broke up. appologies.
  3. conversational, enough to barter at the petrol station etc.
  4. i don't do art... i just buy my shit from here = http://www.picturesonwalls.com/ and pretend i'm really savant garde
  5. howdy, i don't understand, i might need some help?
  6. ^^ I know!!! They are so cute, I want one... But I don't know where Portugl is? Do you?
  7. i've heard this arguement before.
  8. danubis


    well, depends... are you still alive... 12 years later?
  9. oh i don't like, the posts are posted all backwards.
  10. Also, can someone present me the alpha male for inspection.
  11. Hello, I bring tidings and good fortune from the aspergers community over in ozscraper skybar subforum on skyscrapercity.com http://www.skyscrapercity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=70 I did not realise there other people like us out there. OMG...We are not alone. but we're not as strange either. Things we like to talk about... 1. Vagina's 2. Girl's at our age 3. maglev buses to caboolture 4. Balina 5. Sexism (we have one girl, it quite topical) 6. Young gays ruining everything. 7. Poo 8. other stuff that i can't remember /ffs. anyhow, THEY ARE COMIN
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