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  1. I have been over feeding my dogs the last couple of days. only started doing this to get rid of the old cheap food I got my girls some good food now I myself will start eating healthy today.
  2. Once I heard a group of girls that I used to fuck huddled up gossiping about guys with small penises.
  3. Ive had pizza three times this week I’m getting bored of it.
  4. Someone bet her $100 she wouldn’t do it
  5. I do this shit with my ex-girlfriend Sherry at Walmart and that other grocery stores at the self check out The trick is to have a girl with you And put as many cheap items in your cart as possible Also place a cooler in there Look for an aisle before you get to the self check out and stick as many things as you want inside of that cooler make sure that the cooler has a price tag label outward so that you can use the self check out gun then take the scan gun up off of the register scan the cooler The cooler never has to leave the cart And there you have yourself about 15 to 20 cans for free I a
  6. Watching movies with my girls cuddled up.
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