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Everything posted by massgraff

  1. Waiting for the train. For the next 4 days I'm dead to the world ✌
  2. Prolly shoot some rope then get some sleep before starting off the work week tonight
  3. Just watched a guy throw up his slushy.
  4. True. Tpbm still has their old toilet soldiers
  5. massgraff


    Nike plus just sent me a $75 dollars off coupon, but i have to make a full priced purchase of $150 or more first. Always a catch.
  6. Evolution of the hood supermarket
  7. Kicking off the weekend with some banging ass
  8. Damn, that was a fast 9 years. Happy birthday dawg.
  9. massgraff


    Viotech's this fall. Let a lot of releases slide this year but this won't be one
  10. massgraff


    @Kultswas looking at those supreme dunks earlier. Not feeling the jeweled swoosh. The shoes themself remind me of a "tin man"/"cold pizza" hybrid.
  11. massgraff


    I've always felt like Asics, sauconys, and nb's all have the same silhouette, and they all look like air max 1s or 90s.
  12. False. Tpbm has caught their wife cheating on them in their own bed.
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