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  1. ski_mask_boris_ has the best instagram I've ever seen. Think it's boris the butcher on teh oontz. Also holler at your boy @kizejah. 12oz used to be cool blah blah maybe nurgas just got old and new nurgas couldnt hang....
  2. This has all the tell tale signs of some one suffering from a manic episode. My boy ate too many shrooms once and had a history of bi polar disorder in his fam (like "castle's" dad) and was through the moon happy and excited about life for weeks after his trip. He would ramble on ad infinitum about how he was gonna start the next fortune 500 company, told me he started believing in Jah and that he was was real (don't necessarily disagree), never felt happier etc etc fill in your delusion. Long story short, he ended up getting fired from his well paying job and his parents hospitalized him for a minute because they could tell he was off his rocker. About a month later he snapped out of it and was like yeah I went crazy.... So DENO if I were you buddy I might try to seek some help. Hang in there brah, one love.
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