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  1. honestly mad funny yo Yo, Been rocking mad hard. When I close my eyes and turn everything off, I hear a buzz still in my head. Your boy is giving everything into what he is doing, doesn't even matter if its bad health wise to push hard as balls... Remember I said, dying of an enlarged heart isn't really dying, its a way JC may want you to go, enjoying each gift, pushing to help others. Even if it means penance for me. I want the emotion of going balls out, and im telling you, i hear a fucking buzz homie. Your boy wakes up mad early ready to roll, gimme a coffee (thank you hunny!) and im now on mutant. Fucking portrait status. Hear me. its nothing im doing other than hippie. Ignorant hippie with the right connections can mutate into mutant. We probably will cross, and you wont know it. I enjoy graff. YO HOMIE FUCKING TEXAS! homie i got you on a coffee man. BUM is prevalent too. I first thought boner had it held down, but it was all ancient. Guy did bomb though. GEEZ be king doe' Graff heads are the type of heads i rock with, and they be on castles. I got shit to say. I cant promise the world, but I can promise an attempt to really create beneficial knowledge here within. Im making it contained. Once its time ill be more open. Ban me or not, in your day, during certain select times, DO say what would that Castles dick say, ill say PUSH! Really just got one chance here, pretty soon you Creatures. Creatures. Castles
  2. Youre telling me I should 'sign on the dotted line' without reading what Im signing. Cant do it. Also smells fishy as fuck dude lol. I have just learned about the Carnigea Secret (spelling). Thats what I came here to explain. I didn't know it had a name until a few days ago. Thats it homie im here to say its real, theres a secret by Carnege which anyone can use, and its powerful. I would be interested in learning where you want to refer me to. Please let me know, I may independently partake. Cuties in Cutties Castles
  3. My Friend, I have no worries. Banks
  4. I agree, even enough to coin it a crooks rule. Its not so much a proud thing, its more of 'its all still a party', I do plan to help give back to the community, host events, spread wealth, tithe. Its just that once in a while, as a 'writer', I need to throw on shades disguise, blast that sound, and tear up towns rollin through. Its not a dude look at how many zeros I made, nagh, house should be hidden, outside chatter wont include riches etc. I just like the idea of a crooks cruise parked in my garage, its a carrot over my nose if you will. I realize the depth of your last statement, and Ive 'meditated' on this exact thought over and over, I used to be much more gaudy homie, now its kept to anonymous boards, hidden in garages, and, if you actually know me, youll know sometimes all bets are off and im just in Crooks and Castles mood. Im proud of the fact that I use each day and wring the fuck out of it. Thats why I am here, saying I am proud of this fact about my life, give this a try. Im not saying pick up my heinous Crooks Consciousness, leave that to the Crooks Champ. I am also proud of being hand painted w/ oil on canvas like your hardest hitting heads. Canvas Collections Castles
  5. Truth is one of my aims is to get (not buy) a 'kind of expensive' German car and Crooks Can Tag, sure, I also want to live off my land with fruits vegetables and protein. I also want my best mate there on the premises for bull shitting and building stuff. I want to stay Paintball Champ, I want to play often. I also want to lift weights over and over, read over and over, do over and over, and make over and over. Any one, in isolation, seems 'piteous'. But trust that as a whole, 'hes one of those chess champs chest cramps' Create Castles Banks
  6. And here is why I decided to post this in a graff forum. I feel like an R8 with Crooks tag on it in pilot, is a perfect explanation of Crooks and Castles. Im not even a huge car guy, its more a team move. It also allows a similar rush like when getting up. Yeah okay, the pussy side of legal canvas graff for sure, but still guys, a head reppin graff. Heres why I posted the Carneige secret (so stoked it starts with a C) A member of my extended family is a 'psychiatrist' well say. I was recently walking and looked on the wall and there was a 4' X 4' oil on canvas of... guess who kid? Castles. Yep. Absolutely shocked, and stoked for the CC win. Apparently I was photographed at some point. I called the psychiatrist whom i've rarely talked to, especially about thoughts etc. And told him about the win. I gave him a 'family' version of what i've posted here. He referred me to Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I read it and was lilke wow this is exactly how I feel about everything, he told me that it takes mad long to reach that mindset, and its almost a guarantee to win. I read this and was like ohh shit thats why I have the urge to scream in secret like this! Dense posts. Same as Napoleon Hill. I FEEL it homie, you feel it right in the middle of your esophagus. Chest Cramps Chess Champ Castles
  7. The Carnegie Secret The "Carnegie Secret" is a concept that Napoleon Hill studied extensively. Carnegie told Hill that the formula for success was so powerful that if learning how to apply it was taught to students, the time they needed to spend in formal schooling could be cut in half. This formula, Carnegie repeated, was used by all the leading businessmen and inventors of the late 19th and early 20th century. Carnegie asked Hill to go out and confirm the application of the formula by the 500 richest Americans (and others). Hill in his introduction to Think and Grow Rich refers to the "formula" as a conception which is the foundation of all success, and necessary to achieve the premise of the book. Hill describes the secret in every chapter but never states it plainly, believing its use is only available to those who possess a “readiness” for the secret: a disposition Hill states as essential to the concept itself. Hill spends a great deal of time in Think and Grow Rich discussing the life of inventor Thomas Edison, whose personal belief in the practical electric light is now legend; it is stated in the book that the great inventor personally put his stamp of approval on the formula as being necessary for the attainment of all achievement, including riches. However, personal belief alone is not enough for success, requiring "The Secret" of achievement for that all important next step. One of the basic premises of the “Carnegie Secret” or “Carnegie Formula” is that whatever your mind focuses on will attract like-minded people to you. As one element necessary for Achievement, it can also lead to failure when internal focus is so strong that like-mindedness cannot be achieved; examples are all around us, and Hill pointed them out repeatedly in his writings. Hill talked at length about the major importance of DESIRE in the lives of successful people to help achieve focus. Hill's proposition was that if you have a desire that is great enough, literally nothing can stop you from achieving your aim(s) through the power of like-minded attraction; but only as long as this desire does not have selfishness as a component. He offered six steps to “fuel” desire so that it will become the “motivating master” of those who use the formula. Riches are what Hill's teachings promise the reader; these riches can be in the form of money or any other result aimed for, if the person applying the formula uses focus and desire properly to achieve them. Selfish use of focus and desire, Hill warned, often leads to poverty or far worse. It is interesting to note that two very accomplished people have stated in writing that Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich was directly responsible for their success. The first was Art Williams who is listed on the Forbes 400 list as being worth over $1 Billion. He states in his book “All You Can Do Is All You Can Do - But All You Can Do Is Enough” that the “six steps” were the basis of his success in building a company that would eventually make him worth 10 figures. The second is S. Truett Cathy, the founder of the Chick-fil-A restaurants (a privately held corporation). He states in his book that he read Think and Grow Rich in high school and it changed his life. Mr. Cathy is also on the Forbes 400 list with a fortune estimated to be worth $900 Million. Both succeeded enormously in attracting like-minded individuals to work with them throughout their careers, one of the necessary ingredients for Achievement as described in detail by Hill as a "Master Mind Alliance". Crooks Secret Castles
  8. The first visual proof for doubting Thomas's will be within 3 years. An AudiR8 with CROOKS on the driver side door in stock saturation pilot nib. Ill post a pic for sure homie lol . Within 3 years. Problem is, tons can be in 3 years, more that can even be fathomed once exponential experiences start compounding. You'd hate to get such solid proof in a few years and then decide ehhh okay ill give it a shot. It would still be beneficial but you may regret not having a few extra years under your belt. Crooks and Castles Rule #2 When weighing the option of 'having more under your belt' vs coast mode, chose the former. Coin Collections Castles
  9. Here I am, first thing Monday morning, stoked about my week ahead. Just drive by a few graveyards, before you tell yourself 'theres nothing to do... Ill go hate on that castles kid!' Run dude. Experience everything. Nievity is such a blessing, trick yourself into being nieve, in a productive way. BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS, once you are, nothing can get you upset, and with just nothing as stimulus you can still make yourself ecstatic. Im a homie whos had everything taken away, and then given back = kid got his second chance, and he is using it mad hard. Do the same, live your life, get involved in high density stimulus activities with just goals. Prove to yourself that you gave it your all. Dont just soak. Distance yourself from that graveyard. Keep your eye on the prize and salivate as you approach. My mate and I always had a goal each year, become stronger physically, emotionally, spiritually. Constant betterment. Thats what the universe rewards. And so does Castles. Dont Let The Fucking Crooks Contagious Carma Castles
  10. Here we are, a few more days of life had passed by. Ask where you find yourself. What have you experienced in the last few days? Do you wish there was something else you would have, or would not have done. For me, I stayed on my feet. I had some colloquial 'ups and downs' but today I find myself closer toward my goals than weeks ago. Pretty much every night I have a reflection phase. I go on walks where nobody will be. If you really let everything quiet down and isolate at night while walking (thats a nugget for you, thats me giving you a stack, try THAT exact amalgam during meditation, no cars wizzing by, no outside stimulus), it wont take long before you find something come up in your head. Take a few minutes to dissect the ins and outs of the emotion you find yourself on today, and WHY? Thats the key, the why. When I open my eyes each morning its an immediate rush. I have not been chosen yet. Pop out of bed. Get rollin, quicken your pace. Become cursorial (at least mentally). Pick up the pace, chose the right foods to fuel your fire (so key, but also nothing surprising here), and get rolling. If I lived on junk food I dont think I would be where I am today. Eat Clean like a Ninja. Chase down your goals. Jesus has rewarded prophets with money, when they said they wanted nothing. For those individuals, the money is not evil. If its obtained with just sowing, there is no need to fear damnation. Keep your individual light, your 'ness, burning bright. Make yourself proud. Dive into life, get wet homie. If I were you, id be using everything I had. Christian Castles
  11. Im fifty faced. Two faced wouldnt do it. I did mention the importance of religious faith in my theory. Each 'faced' must be runned by the savior. This method would still work somewhat without faith, but (at least in my case) its key. Im not a thief type dude. Feel me? Just enjoying navigating my life, instead of just letting it take place.. Have a few close close friends, now like family. Got scores of acquaintances, and just blend in wherever I be, just strike it up with anyone. Really smelling shit. Really tasting shit. Really staring hard. Im opening my eyes wide son. Literally. Im following your eyes, im noticing your hands, and footing. At all times. Be a pure person, and its not an evil talent. Earn a Castle Banks
  12. Sup Lugr, It really depends. If you are just stumbling onto this thread start from beginning if you want it to make more sense. Chameleon Castle. Meaning.. If I am shooting shit with some graff head drug head, he would never know Im sharp as fuck. If I am speaking to millionaires, they will not know I am an Earl Champ. If I am talking to you in person, you would think to yourself, hes not so bad. This is also key. No one person can navigate the path of life seamlessly and successfully. You must be able to manifest several personalities and use each at your choice when you flip a switch. Switch Status. Classic Cutoffs Castles
  13. My man, for me, Castles is forever. Castle mean much much more than concrete and re-bar. My proof will be revealed like I posted, heres the thing. My efforts are being documented now, in an easily to review type of way. In about 5 years, I will chose to reveal more. And since this 'Castles Thing?' is forever, it is a form of book to me. And the book doesn't read that I just explain all at once. Its piecemeal. And its dense. The density is already being missed. Each post is key. The story goes my childhood, which i've already alluded to. Ups and Downs My early teenage years Late teenage Early/Late College Early working Present I will probably release a book (With not such dense Fucking Castles reference, but certainly a few huge ones that slip by the reader, but those who understand me as Castles will give a wtf!?! Cilone, you read this book (free copy). I am still not in early working. However, my early working will be explosive. I never claimed I was rich or have a tangible Castle yet. What I am claiming now is a mindset, which is always advantageous (its created that way via each persons personal situations), and can be utilized when desired. A form of fast forward mode. And sprint forward mode. All depends on which switches in YOUR head to switch to create a fucking solid, truth, bull, castles, version of you. And then YOU chose when to flip the switches and when to turn off. Learn that statement and you are in a Castle. And soon a tangible Castle may follow. But you're mad #2 at paintball. If you Castle up, you will meet crooked castles. Crooked Castles Castles
  14. If we were ever physically close enough for this to happen, you would hear someone whisper in your ear from your six "Castlessss", at which point you would realize your shoelaces are tied together. Ill be the one whos jacked and smiling. Fat Stacks and Black Jacks Crazzy Conscious Castles
  15. Telling me ill win if i post proof will not happen yet. In one of my first posts i mentioned hiding little stacks of cash etc at some point, and releasing a map which details its location. This will not happen for a few years, but it will be at that point that the proof is discovered. Concerning my literary talents...I have several published articles in circulation at present time. I can easily post grammatically correct statements, which flow in logical order and may be more tolerated by a few of you guys who cant stomach these run on sentences and yes TYPOS! But, thats not MY goal on here so it is of no interest of mine. I simply spit and send whatever is in my head, if it seems strangely written, that is simply another piece to this puzzle. There is much more than is solely conveyed by my written word, and this will continue. Its all perfect. Con Crush Crew Castles
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