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  1. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    I just got 6 consecutive head shots.
  2. massgraff


    On the topic of breds and sbs
  3. massgraff


    Those are clean. I really shouldn't, but I think I might pick these up today.
  4. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

  5. massgraff

    Nike Pulls Balaclava due to *gang* connotations

    Nike just wanted niggas hittin licks in style 😪
  6. massgraff

    defend a bad food

    Just don't understand how people can't like them 🤷🏾 Regular green peas. Can't see their appeal and they stink.
  7. massgraff

    defend a bad food

    I've never actually tried menudo, but lentils tho... Absolute crap
  8. massgraff


  9. massgraff

    BEAT the picture above you

  10. massgraff

    Grails: The hard to get, so imma brag about it, super thread!

    Yeah, and thanks.
  11. massgraff


    @luhemthat's what's up. Went to the skate shop today and they had finally sold out of the camo dunks 😑 Saw these today tho 🔥💉💉 From there I went to HOH and wouldn't you know it they were restocking their cool grey 11 lows, so I copped those. @Kultsnot feeling em. Not feeling the majority of new Nike's Jordan's models. I feel myself sounding like one of those bitter sneakerheads that just automatically likes anything older better, BUT, I think a lot of this stuff is genuinely ugly. Or at least built for performance over style.
  12. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    @methamphetamynewhat do you do? I just started working nights at a new job. From 6:30 - 5:00 Sunday thru Wednesday. When I'm not at work ALL I DO IS SLEEP. Couldn't imagine doing 12 hours.
  13. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Nothing of any real importance or significance.
  14. massgraff


    The purple one's. Tdb has em if I recollect rightly.
  15. massgraff


    ^i want the a life one's badly.