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  1. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Laying down surfing the web.
  2. massgraff

    Your public transport in pics

    Rode the orange line too. It's filthy.
  3. massgraff

    Your public transport in pics

    Boston boys stand up!!!!
  4. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Making my internet rounds while spasmodically shitting out last night's extra spicy seafood boil.
  5. massgraff


    @Kults officially entering the "dad shoe" game
  6. massgraff


    Who's coppin?
  7. massgraff

    GAME: True or False

    Dude can sing but I don't really know his body of work like that. I actually used to always mix him up with Jason mraz. Also if you throw on some Celine during work, that shit be bussin. All coming back to me now???? 🔥🔥🔥 Tpbm supports the death penalty
  8. massgraff


    It's official
  9. massgraff


    Just downloaded stockX Already eyeing these
  10. massgraff

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

  11. massgraff

    Would you take this.....

    I'll take anything but some Pussy.
  12. massgraff


    You know, for $100 we might could make this happen These shoes just scream "I couldn't cop waverunners, so I went out and copped something similar" tho.
  13. massgraff

    Your public transport in pics

    @where downtown crossing? I'm on a regular ass pvta bus.
  14. massgraff

    random thots

    This is my random thought.
  15. massgraff

    random thots

    The game? I used to play that shit.