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  1. Really shitty to hear. I bought a painting from him when we both lived in NorCal and he came to my spot and dropped it off. Mad cool dude who lived life proper
  2. Anyone know why I can't see any pictures? Just blue question mark boxes
  3. Might not be widely known but Officer Ramos was a writer at one point Pote was his tag
  4. Pretty sure thats not Seen posting but some European dude who must like him a little bit..
  5. ^^ I snuck into that show..great times
  6. Didnt think Id see that copy pasta on here lol
  7. pretty sure thats the standard lunch of hungry black children
  8. Not sure where you are but at least one of the trucks at Long Wharf is some of the best Mexican food ive had in the east coast..
  9. i only watched a few of the white girls..def strippers, not that it is a bad thing..
  10. and Ive been harvesting these between the birds and the bees. In the freezer awaiting I dont know what...more than likely a jam like I do every year. oh i took that to mean you were harvesting when you werent fucking
  11. My parents were sick of it too, so they got a big tank and use propane for their stove, hooked thier grill up to it too..
  12. try the butane extract..ie oil, wax in a vape pen..the high is very different for me. any time i have anxiety it goes right away...really is medicinal for me.
  13. They look like they know where Jimmy Hoffa might be.
  14. Sick..Chanterelles are some of the best
  15. reminds me of the pomme d’amore at knead patisserie in the mission in sf...its a pastry with a creme brule topping, straight crack..
  16. is it baked instead of fried? looks great tho
  17. Anthony Bourdain is the man for saying this, "The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen. She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is f--king bad for you [...] plus, her food sucks."
  18. The fact that most of her recipes are so fattening and terrible for you and that she was a shill for a company that makes a diabetes drug or something makes her such a lowlife piece shit...
  19. Ya I saw a super white trash marriage proposal at Applebees when I was traveling through Arizona a while back. Offered to buy them shots of Soco but they declined.
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