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Everything posted by tucksoe

  1. semi funny quote from Jimmy Kimmel .. "Paula Abdul would have done a better job judging the @MannyPacquiao fight."
  2. Styles For Miles..I still got these layin around somewhere..
  3. the show on channel 9 ruled.
  4. was he yelling about finding yous and beating yous up, and pointing at shit?
  5. there is like 3 Wane joints on every page of this thread
  6. cope's little toy minion doing his throwup is actually getting a little better.
  7. i prolly would have said the same thing when i was 17 too..
  8. "Marc Andreessen, now a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who invested early in Facebook and holds 3.6 million shares worth nearly $200 million." so they gave this dude 3.6 million shares to paint the walls? lucky him..
  9. Cool flick..that Cie musta lasted like 10 years after the vet at least..
  10. thats obv not the same dsm...just as toy tho..
  11. jerry and john kahn..full set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3YunoTHf3M&feature=related
  12. jesus christ that dude painting next to cope has some short shorts on..
  13. Dont forget about New Haven
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