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  1. Took a brief trip to Nashville to see some family heading back early. The mayor of Chicago announced while we were gone that anyone visiting hot spot stayed (TN is one of them) must quarantine for 14 days. For me not a big deal, I work from home anyway. My wife’s work called (she works in the medical field) and they know she’s out in TN and went her to use 2 more weeks of vacation to quarantine. Thus we’re cutting the trip short. I honestly was apprehensive About coming out here anyway and being around people but went through with it. We haven’t gone anywhere or seen anyone besides the family we’re staying with so I think it’s relatively low risk. ugh...
  2. Ohh and bought me a cargo carrier for the car. Installed a gotcha year ago and never used it. Off to Tennessee this week to look at some cribs/land.
  3. Stuff from the last week or so. Kid tried out his new bike. Finished the gangway shed. Drank more than I should. Did some fat tire ebiking.
  4. When I heard that Arizona had a big outbreak of Covid I immediately thought of @Drue_Down and his post of a packed bar and him keeping his distance back in May.
  5. Bought my 7 year old a big kid bike. REI dividend for the win.
  6. Played some PUBG, working on a clubhouse/shed for the gangway and now chilling having some brews.
  7. Never used or had an impact driver - those are game changers. I’ll post progress pictures/failures.
  8. Started to build a shed that will fit into my gangway (aka-space between my garage and fence) about 4 feet wide. I’m not a builder - never built anything actually. Got some tools and lumber and got started. More to do still. Pictured - said gangway and noob tools.
  9. I’m pretty obsessed with - https://www.landio.com
  10. They are dope and have mega off grid ability, which is such a selling point for me. Take off road and powered by solar.
  11. Outside of the heat, what’s the downside Of desert living? Covid has me looking at houses in New Mexico and Tennessee with the goal of being close to a national park or having a chunk of acreage. Looks real chill out there.
  12. @Drue_Down- is the bag of beer from a brewery, like a giant growler?
  13. This past Friday/Saturday. not in order. homeschool 7 year old & work-ish got beer delivery cleaned out garage grilled and backyard fire while getting my brain numb with previously mentioned beer delivery life in your early 40’s
  14. Earth roamer is the dream for me personally. Never gonna happen tho! https://earthroamer.com
  15. Got mine, thanks for the extras!
  16. He lucked out, this was a training ambulance (no dead bodies) with the added bonus of super low miles.
  17. I have a Gregory 65 L for heavy duty stuff and a ZPacks Arc Haul for the lighter stuff. Ospreys are dope, I’d rather have one of those than the Gregory now that I’ve gotten some experience with it.
  18. It’s the helinox, I think the newer REI ultra lite chair is a smudge lighter now.
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